Top 5 Anime-Inspired Slot Games Every Japanese Gambler Must Try

Slot game developers are going above and beyond to create new games with fun and engaging themes so that they can keep players satisfied. The online gambling industry is becoming bigger and bigger as we speak; thus, it’s critical to give new and old players alike exceptional gambling experiences. 

We’ve seen a lot of slot games based on superheroes, popular movies, and video games throughout the years, but right now, there is another form of entertainment that is becoming even more popularly featured in pachinko and slot games – anime.

Anime is a popular form of Japanese animated work that includes short films, movies, and TV series, all animated in a unique and distinct way specific to the genre. These productions often featured one or more central characters that learn about friendship, honour, respect, and love while going on interesting adventures. Their stories and surroundings were often depicted using a combination of different genres such as Sci-Fi, fantasy, dark fantasy, action, or history, combined with unique elements specific to the anime genre. 

Anime made its way into global pop culture quite fast, so it comes as no surprise it also started to become a prominent theme in slot games as well. Developers are launching unique apps for fans of anime pachinko games, and they are doing an amazing job at it. 

If you are interested in playing pachinko or anime-themed slots, below are some of the most popular options that you will find at online casinos. 

Shinobi Wars

This is a must game for all Naruto fans out there. Shinobi Wars is a slot game that features 5 reels and was developed drawing inspiration from the infamous anime series Naruto. 

“Shinobi Wars” will feel like a much-needed extension to their entertainment for all people that love action-packed stories with unique characters and complex storylines. It will make Naruto fans happy and will incite those that never watch the series to go give it a chance right away. 

Each sign represents a Naruto character, allowing you to cheer on your favorite ninja every time you spin the wheel, but this is not even the best part of the game. If you managed to find the Silver and Gold Scroll feature, you automatically enter a special round that can reward you with some impressive prizes. What’s more, if you collect at least 3 free spin symbols, you trigger seven free spin rounds for even more chances of winning big. What more could you ask from a slot game?

Koi Princess

This is one of the most popular anime based games in the slot universe. Koi Princess impresses with n adorable look inspired straight from traditional Japan, but with a kawaii twist. Still, this is not just a pretty game, as besides its cute appearance is also provides a very rewarding experience for gamblers. 

Koi Princess features 5 reels that can be played with as many as 20 paylines to maximize your chances of winning. If you are up to paying double the cost of a spin, you can activate a bonus bet that increases the chance of scoring winning combinations and getting bonuses. 

When three koi fish appear on the screen, you get a chance to choose one of them and trigger a reward: random wild symbols, a guaranteed win, or a bonus round. And, with so many chances of scoring impressive winnings, Koi Princess will soon become one of your favorite slot games. 

Sayan Warriors

Choosing the right type of casino games can be hard, but if you used to be a fan of Dragon Ball, you need to give Sayan Warriors a try. The game was inspired by the popular anime series featuring Goku, Cell, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Frieza, among other symbols you are going to find while playing. 

You will immediately recognize the backdrop as a unique Dragon Ball landscape and the similarities with the anime. With Sayan Warriors, the players get to enjoy a slot game that features a 95.97% RTP, meaning you will be able to win lots of money while engaging with your favorite characters. 

If you collect all 7 Dragon Balls, you will trigger a Shenron Free Spins round, and you can win up to 20 spins or a x7 multiplier if you choose the right ball before the round triggers. Help Goku save the planet and win some big rewards in the process!

Moon Princess

This slot machine’s super-powered girls, as well as the heart and moon symbols, are eerily similar to the popular series Sailor Moon — yet the game is far from being an unimpressive knockoff. It’s worth taking a closer look at it just for the nostalgic vibes and the nice soundtrack.

With Moon Princess, the developers managed to produce an action-packed game with an emphasis on girl power. When the extra features are triggered on the 5 reels and 5 rows, very interesting things start to happen. Each princess that appears on the screen has a special ability that allows you to use the symbols to your advantage.

When princess symbols appear and pay out, there is also a loading bar that starts charging with each appearance. When the bar is full, you’ll be awarded free spin rounds in which the princesses alternatively use their abilities. Your profit might be doubled 100 times if you clear the entire field!

Ninja Ways

Ninjas are the focus of this slot game. Six reels and four rows make up the slot machine. If you get at least three identical symbols in a winning combination from left to right, you win. This means Ninja Ways offers more than 4000 ways to win.

When it comes to bonuses, Ninja Ways is very well-equipped also. It offers three bonus rounds, called Door Bonus, Wilds Bonus, and Ninja Way Bonus, so you will have plenty of chances to win big and have fun in the process as well.