Top 3 Manufacturers of Cannabis Gummies in Canada

Today most cannabis customers prefer taking the compound in the form of edibles like gummies. Gummies are sweet-flavored candies that are easy to consume and don’t leave a taste of cannabis in the mouth. 

Due to the fast-growing market of cannabis gummies, most manufacturers have taken the opportunity to venture into this business. It is therefore challenging to know the best gummies manufacturers to buy from. 

How To Choose A Brand Of Cannabis Gummies

Knowing which brands of cannabis gummies to trust can be challenging. However, a little research will help you determine an excellent gummy manufacturer. During your research, consider these factors;

  1. The Company’s Reputation

You can know the manufacturer’s reputation through their website. Scroll to the customer review section and check how they engage with the customers. You can also read other customer experiences with the brand to know how people think of them. 

Ask around if anyone has bought gummies from the company before. Your friend’s or colleague’s experience will help you know how trustworthy that manufacturer is. 

  1. Third-Party Lab Reports

A company’s website portrays its real picture. Before buying gummies from a particular company, check if they have included important information like third-party lab reports

The report determines the quality of the cannabis gummies and how safe they are to use. Manufacturers who are not trustworthy will not present this information to the public, and those are the brands you should avoid buying from. 

Also, ensure the company you buy from meets all the requirements and standards to be operating. Some documents to show their qualifications are a license of operation. 

For example, Dynaleo is a cannabis manufacturer that makes high-quality cannabis-infused edibles. Click here to learn more about Dynaleo and its products. 

  1. Check For Their Method Of CBD Extraction And Manufacturer

The extraction and manufacturing methods of cannabis products speak a lot about the quality of the final product. Different companies have various processing methods, which differentiates from the high and low-quality cannabis products. 

For example, CBD products extracted by heat have butane. When the butane mixes with the cannabinoid oil, there is a chemical reaction that alters the other compounds’ genetic profile. 

Buy CBD products from companies that use extraction methods like carbon dioxide or ethanol because these are natural solvents. 

Top 3 Manufacturers Of Cannabis Gummies

  1. Dynaleo

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Dynaleo is Canada’s highest capacity manufacturer of cannabis gummies. It became even more popular after the launch of the two latest gummy brands, Sunshower and Dynawellness. 

The company prioritizes producing quality cannabis gummies. Their Dynawellness soft chews are available in many delicious flavors, which leave the user with all the benefits of CBD. 

Dynaleo makes CBD isolate gummies, meaning they do not have THC. Therefore, if you don’t want to experience THC effects or are allergic to them, these are the best gummies for you.

The company also has many positive customer reviews which is another evidence the brand is reliable. 

  1. CBD Magic 

CBD Magic is a famous and highly-rated manufacturer of cannabis gummies, with the most common product being Zen Leaf Gummies. People know these for treating insomnia and restlessness to give the patient a good night’s sleep. 

Melatonin is the most used product from them, and it is very effective with insomnia. CBD Magic’s raw products are from Canada. The production environment is sterile and safe, hence a quality product. 

You can use these CBD’s Magic gummies for other symptoms: chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and irritability. The company gets many positive customer reviews and ratings on their website, a sign that they produce quality products. 

  1. CBD North 

CBD North made it to our list of top manufacturers because of its brilliant and authentic products that have kept its customers coming back. The brand is completely transparent and reliable, another reason it is popular. 

The company sources its raw materials from Canadian sources. Their products also go through a third-party lab test, and the company displays this information for its customers to see, a sign of honesty and sincerity. 

You will not experience challenges placing an order on their website. It is a straightforward process, and the company offers free shipping for orders above $99. 

The orders take 2 to 5 business days to ship from the day of placement, and you get them at your doorstep.

This brand’s cannabis gummies are from natural ingredients, making them 100% pure. CBD North also includes instructions on the usage of the gummies, including the potency of CBD in a gummy. 

What To Consider In A Cannabis Gummy Product

  1. Health Concerns

Sugar-coated supplements are hazardous compounds because they are sweet and can be addictive, leading to an overdose. Most people prefer cannabis gummies because you will not feel the smell of cannabis when taking them. 

Always ensure you check the ingredients in the product. Some manufacturers add unnecessary compounds to add sweetness and mask the smell of cannabis, and they can be harmful. Always buy all-natural gummies to keep your sugar levels right. 

  1. CBD Potency

The strength of one gummy will determine your dose. Some gummies have minimal CBD, like 2mg per gummy, while others have 10mg. The strength of your symptoms, age, and weight will also determine the number of gummies to take. 

  1. Side Effects

The manufacturer should write down the possible side effects of the cannabis gummies on the package. Common adverse effects of cannabis gummies are dry mouth, fatigue, diarrhea, and drowsiness after using CBD products. 

People experience different side effects because of the difference in chemical body composition. However, see a doctor if the effects are severe. 


Cannabis gummies are becoming popular, and with the increasing number of users, more people want to venture into manufacturing the gummies. This leads to an increase in the number of manufacturers. Always ensure you consider the above tips when choosing a gummy manufacturer, and buy from known brands.