Tips & tricks that will help you get every betting bonus

Seven of the Most Popular Betting Bonuses you can Find - Veloce

Whether we like it or not, online bookmakers and casinos use betting promotions to attract new clients and entertain the ones that already have an account. Unfortunately, this is one of the few departments where brands can experiment. Nowadays, most online bettors are used to having access to specific casino games and sports, so changing the main betting section isn’t always a good idea. 

Fortunately, most iGaming companies can experiment with their bonus sections and get away with it. That’s one of the reasons why you may have to adhere to different conditions in order to use a particular offer. Even though pointing out everything is almost impossible, we’d like to share some of the most common requirements you must complete to get a specific offer.

Use the advertised promo code

One of the common things you will find once you start checking some of the industry-leading betting websites is that they offer different promo codes. Even though some of these codes don’t offer anything, others are your key to unlocking a specific bonus. That’s one of the reasons why there is a VIP Betfred promotional code for new customers offered by Silentbet, which you should use to get some of the offers. In this case, the promo code will grant you access to additional cash and free spins, which are two important things to have.  

The promo codes come in different forms and usually have to be applied during the registration process. However, some people might have the option to use the codes before depositing. Bettors have to be careful because they might not get the offer they like if they use the wrong promo code. 

Verify your account prior to attempting to get a specific offer

Everyone who wants to use a given bonus needs to create an account. Completing the registration process isn’t that hard, as long as you follow the steps. For example, before you get the chance to use the Betfred bonus code from Silentbet, you have to enter other types of info. Usually, the process will take a couple of minutes because some brands want to know a lot of things about you. Although you may be tempted to provide false information, you shouldn’t do that because bookies and casinos will want you to verify your account.

Completing the verification process might not seem like a big deal, and it isn’t, as long as you complete the required steps. Usually, iGaming operators want you to prove your address and identity. That’s why they require a copy of your passport or ID card. In some cases, you also have to send a bank statement.

Log into your account during a specific day of the week and make a deposit

Apart from the proposals available every week, some of the big iGaming companies offer several weekly rewards. Since they are available every week, customers are usually required to make a deposit in order to put them to the test. 

Although some brands will show you these proposals even if you don’t log into your account, other operators will reveal their entire selection of bonuses only if you use your login details. Once ready, skim through the T&C and decide which proposal is worth it.