Tips for the first sexual date

Flirting, that exciting phase in which those involved only want to show their good side, to prove to their partner why they are worthy of being the chosen one. The glances, the caresses… the cinema sessions, the dinners out or preparing a meal for each other. There are many wonderful moments that characterise this stage of seduction.

One cannot yet know if it is a casual thing or if this person is going to be the expected soul mate, the better half, or any other of those adjectives that are portrayed so well in romantic comedies.

The human being is a social creature by nature and is always looking for connections. Whether they are physical, emotional, or even sexual. The voluptuous escorts in Edinburgh know it very well.

Then, after a couple of dates, things are going really well, and… it’s time to go to bed with this person. However, even nowadays, for many women (no matter how experienced they are), the first sexual encounter with a new partner still produces a real shiver down the spine.

But why does this happen?

In reality, there are many reasons, including dissatisfaction with one’s own body, lack of sexual knowledge, or even embarrassment and self-demand.

Whether or not one has been having sex for years, being with someone for the first time can be confusing and even uncomfortable for some people. This can happen both because of a lack of experience with the person and a lack of knowledge of what works with them, what sexual positions they prefer and what they like and don’t like in sexual intercourse. 

It doesn’t matter if it is the first date, or if there have been many others… When it comes to the moment of the act, fears can arise, according to the hottest escorts in Canberra. Therefore, thinking about making this moment lighter and more pleasurable -as it has to be-, Skokka will shed light on the subject and provide some tips for the first sexual encounter.

1- Sex before going to bed

As much as one wants to reach the grand finale, the interesting thing is that sex begins long before the bed, that is, here the game of seduction comes into play… the looks… the perfume chosen for the occasion, the touching of some part of the partner’s body in a subtle way and above all the kiss on the mouth with a lot of desire and lust.

2- A good image

Many studies have confirmed that men are much more visual than women. This means that the female physique and image are therefore highly valued at the moment of conquest. Here it is worth exploring the femme fatale side with provocative lingerie, skin hydration, proper shaving of the private parts, watching Hushlive and a stunning outfit.

3 – Try to relax

The guy is probably not thinking about cellulite or stretch marks right now, and so should you. Taboos, fears and insecurities about the body should be put aside if the goal is to enjoy this first intimate moment.

4 – Create intimacy with the partner

A first sexual relationship is unlikely to be perfect, as it takes time to adjust preferences and methods. So there is nothing better than guiding the person through your body and allowing yourself to explore theirs too, to find the areas that bring the most intense sensations.

5- Sexual positions

When in doubt, go for the classics! Those traditional positions that everyone loves and that guarantee intensity and pleasure. Good examples are doggy style, missionary, 69 and spooning.

5 – Surrender to caresses

There is no need to rush to take off his or your clothes. Try longer kisses, while your hands roam the body: legs, breasts, neck, hair…

Unhurried foreplay with commitment is capable of driving anyone crazy. 

6- Say something!

A few sensual words whispered in the ear will excite and show your partner that you are enjoying it. Absolute silence can be extremely uncomfortable and unsettling in a first intimate encounter.

7 – Take it slow and enjoy it

In the end, sex is not, or at least should not be, a performance; on the contrary, it is a moment of getting to know and exploring each other. An exchange of energy. So focus on the moment, do things calmly and if, in the end, something doesn’t go as planned, just talk about it and try again later.

First sexual contact can still be a taboo subject, so it needs to be broken. In fact, it can be very exciting to talk about one’s likes and dislikes in bed. And according to the professional Bangalore escorts spicy details can increase mutual eagerness even more.  

Also, it is important to remember the importance of safe sex practices by using condoms to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.