Tips for successful house sellers in Michigan

Getting your house sold is certainly not a simple task. Before the actual deal, you will have to stage your house, make a nice advertisement, and contact real estate agents. However, we are here to ease your life. We are going to provide you with advice on outstanding preparations for selling your house. You will only have to follow it to get your task done.

Step first: look up a top listing agent

Talking of your situation, you will have to choose one of the top real estate agents in Michigan. The best one is the one that sells a house fast and for a good sum of money. You also may need to search for local agents because they’re superior in knowing the regional market. For example, if you are selling a house in Lansing, check out the list of top real estate agents in Lansing, MI.

Before taking a final decision, ask the agent what their typical timeline of the sale is, what is the average pricing of selling a home that they make up, and how are their fees compared to other typical realtor fees in Michigan.

Don’t be afraid to ask additional questions. A professional agent won’t hesitate to answer them. And if he refuses to give feedback, it may mean that he’s hiding something from you. In that case, you’ll need to leave immediately, don’t proceed to sign the contract.  

Step two: don’t forget about the realtor fees

Michigan’s realtors typically charge about 6% of the final price of your house. That’s quite a lot, so prepare in advance. Not every agent’s service is worth paying such a price, so make sure to find a decent one who will satisfy your needs. 

Step three: add some indoor staging for better results

Don’t get lazy and stage your house to attract the attention of possible purchasers. For instance, remove part of the furniture because houses look more attractive when nothing reminds them of the previous owners. 

Have a professional cleaning session in your house. Pay special attention to the bathrooms, kitchen, and living room. 

The kitchen is probably the most important place in the house. So, treat it appropriately. Make it feel especially comfy in there: add fresh flowers in a vase, and lit up scented candles. Don’t forget to scrub up the place until it starts to sparkle first. Take out the trash right before allowing potential purchasers in your house to avoid putting them off by the unpleasant smell.

Add new accessories to other rooms. For example, brand-new rugs and tablecloths. They’re not that expensive but will change the overall look of your house for the better.

If you have pets, you may need to temporally remove them and their accessories, such as pet toys or their litter boxes from the house. The reason is that pets may be a put-off for some purchasers. Pet odours may cause this, also, some people are allergic to pet fur. So, no matter how much you love your pets, you should remove them from the house.

Step four: don’t forget about the exterior

Once you’re done with the interior, pay attention to the outdoors. First of all, mow your grass and weed the yard: those are one of the first things your purchaser is going to see. Secondly, try adding little touch-ups. For example, repaint the walls or add flowerpots and modern decorations.

Step five: Carefully choose the best time for selling 

According to the statistics, the most successful house-buying transactions in Michigan happen in June and July.

On average, houses advertised in June spend only a couple of weeks on the market. That’s a very short amount of time, so if you want to sell your house as soon as possible but can postpone the transaction a little, choose this month.

However, if your objective is to sell your house for the highest price, you will need to list your house for selling in July. That is the month when house prices in Michigan peak.

Generally speaking, selling your house in summer will provide you best results.

On the other hand, the winter months are the worst to sell your house. Because of severely cold winters in the state, those houses that were listed for selling in February are the slowest to get sold and cost less. So be sure not to list your house in winter unless it is absolutely inevitable.

Step six: Coming up with the price

Coming up with the right price is crucial. Overpricing will scare off the buyers, while underpricing is, of course, unprofitable for you. It would be a pity if you were to make perfect preparations for selling and then not get paid enough. To avoid this, consult the online home valuation tools or look up the average house cost in the state of Michigan the year you are selling. Or you can simply ask your real estate agent for some advice. They’re interested in selling your house for the most suitable price as well as you are.

Step seven, the final one: negotiations

For most sellers, negotiations are the most dreadful part of the deal. But don’t be anxious! Don’t be shy to not be totally convinced for a smaller price. Insist on the sum you count on. If you have consulted special resources for house sellers and got advice from your listing agent, price should not be the problem here. However, if you want better outcomes and faster negotiations, you should be more flexible with the pricing. It would be better if you come up with not just a price, but a diapason of acceptable pricing. In this case, you will be prepared for negotiations in advance.