Tips for Elevating Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is here everybody! And that means one thing. It’s time to stow away those sizzling summer outfits, and get ready for an awesome autumnal season! If you’re anything like me you look forward to the fall every year. Not just for the change in the leaves, or the time we spend with our families. No, I love fall because it is the time of the year THAT I SERVE! Winter? It’s too cold, I’m cocooned in a parka. Summer? Not on your life! I’m too busy wearing the least I can legally get away with! Fall hits that sweet spot. That, I’m gonna wear a sweater and a light jacket, and make it look spectacular! Kind of spot. That layers, layers, and more layers, but it looks luxurious! Kind of spot! Needless to say, it’s My kind of spot, and if you’re reading this thinking. 

“Well, I wish it was my spot too,” then you’re in luck! Cause this article for you! Because I’ve got all of the perfect tips to get you shaped up, so you can stunt out this fall!

Living For The Layers

The key to any great cold weather outfit is layers. You might think that’s an abrupt way to outline my point, but honey that is the point. It’s THAT simple. When you’re trying to elevate your style into something stylish, you have to remember. Some rules are here for a reason. Wearing layers in autumn is one of those rules. One, they keep you warm. And two, they offer a unique opportunity for you to create a complex yet effortless look that radiates your personality! A great outfit is essentially a constellation of a person’s tastes. It is at its least: a collection of items, hand-picked for the day. Chosen for the sole purpose of saying something about yourself. Now, what better opportunity to express our inner eloquence than the perfect fall outfit? Every layer we choose for our look is a little affirmation we make about ourselves. A little choice we make that says “this is how I see myself.” The clothing we wear is that special. But enough waxing poetic on the profundity of fashion! Let’s dig into some real, practical advice! 

Now the first thing I should mention is. Fashion is subjective. What I think is a great outfit, you might think is terrible. And that’s okay! Instead of focusing on any specific trends, I want to talk about more general tips that work for any style. For instance, let’s go back to layering. When we want to have an outfit with layers, that still fit our bodies and make us look good. We need to pay special attention to the fit of each layer. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your t-shirt bunched up under your sweater. That’s why my first suggestion is to take an outwardly expanding approach to your layering. What I mean by this is that you should try to have your bottom layers fit you more tightly, so that your outer layers can sit closer to your body. This allows your sweaters to have more of a relaxed fit while still maintaining your silhouette! For men, something I’ve seen lately that I love is the practice of layering a tank over a hoodie. If you’re looking for a similar style, I suggest checking out these mens graphic tank tops!

Coordinating Your Colors

Fall, I feel, is a particularly tricky time of year when it comes to color. I always think that more muted colors work best in the fall, but lately, I must admit I’ve seen some bigger and bolder outfits that have been turning my head. I think you, my dear reader, probably have your own opinions on this. But if I may, let me offer this one piece of advice, and say. Whichever path you choose, whether it’s muted or bright, go all in. The key to playing with color in an outfit is to make choices. Right now, the choice everyone makes is the one-color outfit. I know we said we weren’t gonna focus on trends, but we’ve hit one that’s kind of tough to ignore. The one-color outfit is exactly what it sounds like. An outfit that focuses on one color and uses it for every piece. Now obviously, this isn’t practical for everyday wear. But what I’m suggesting is that we use this trend for inspiration, and aspire to keep our outfits’ color palettes as minimal as possible. I’m saying two, maybe three colors at once. This is a little trick that looks hyper-modern on everyone. And hey, if you want to have that great statement piece! Amazing! Just use it for contrast.

When you’re trying to make a fall outfit, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s so much to keep up with that it can feel impossible to understand all the trends and tangents the fashion world loves to go down. My advice? Is to wear what you want. Pick whatever you like and whatever you feel comfortable in and rock it. If that’s what makes you feel great, then that’s all you need to know. Now if you’re leafing through a fashion magazine and want to know how they accomplished those looks. Take a look back at this article. The best thing about fashion is that you can always come back to it!