Think You Know Everything about Legal Singapore Casinos? Think Again

Gambling online in Singapore could be accomplished in a few diverse ways, depending on your preference. This type of website is likely the most common, followed by sites that offer sports betting, poker, bingo, and so on. 

Slot machines, blackjack, and roulette are now the three most popular methods to bet online all over the world; hence, sites that allow people from Singapore to participate concentrate on providing those game options. 

Online gambling sites typically provide Singaporeans who enjoy gambling the opportunity to participate in baccarat, sic bo, as well as dragon tiger games. 

Online Gambling Legality in Singapore

It’s very obvious that you don’t live in Singapore if you still have to pose the question, “Is it legal to gamble online in Singapore?” The Singapore Pools is the only place in Singapore where it is legal to gamble live and in person. At the Singapore Pools, you can place bets on sporting events (like horse racing) as well as play lotteries. 

In contrast to the situation in a great number of other nations, which have had rules governing gambling dating back to the 1950s or even earlier and have not modified them since then, Singapore’s most recent gambling legislation was only enacted in 2014. 

They even discussed “remote” gambling, which refers to any form of gambling that may be done from a distance, such as over the phone or online. Betting has been considered unlawful in Singapore ever since animal fighting, as well as gambling dens, were deemed illegal in the year 1820.

Choosing the Best Gambling Site in Singapore

Since online gambling is not provided in a local market in Singapore, players resort to using offshore websites which are provided from other countries, which have much more tolerant laws on gambling provision and have built trusted regulated markets. 

There’s a great Singapore online casino list that players can refer to, in order to find the best, most secure offshore regulated casinos which are accessible for Singaporeans to play.


A Casino’s reputation takes time to build and improve, kinda like improving any natural talent a person might have. Bet only at Singapore internet casinos that have a solid reputation elsewhere in the world. 

Put your money on long-established, well-known brands. Search the internet for websites that feature sports like football and others. This demonstrates that you are able to put your money and other sensitive information in their safekeeping.

Payment Methods

It’s possible that transferring money from and to your online gaming account in Singapore will be tough. The use of bank accounts, direct debit, or credit cards for the purpose of making payments or withdrawals is not permitted in Singapore. 

In order to make payments and collect winnings, you should look for Singapore online casino sites that support eWallets and cryptocurrencies.


You should look for an online casino that caters to Singaporeans and has a large selection of games. Live gambling games are extremely popular in Singapore; therefore, you should look for a website that offers blackjack and baccarat tables. 

Keno, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Dragon Tiger are some other games that are to your advantage. There isn’t much of a market for online slot machines in Singapore, but you might like playing them. Find a gaming site that has a good variety of options.


A gaming license is recommended for every website that welcomes players from Singapore, despite the fact that this is not a legal requirement. Even duplicate websites will tell you they have a license, but you need to make sure this is true. Look for websites that have licenses issued by Malta, Gibraltar, or Curacao.


When doing anything online, but especially gambling, maintaining a high level of security is essential. If you gamble online with real money, you should be aware that you will be disclosing private account information. If you want to play at a casino without worrying about the safety of your personal information, look for one that uses SSL and has stringent privacy policies.

Final Say

It is believed that Singapore has the second largest percentage of bettors in the world, despite the fact that the country does not allow any form of gambling that takes place online. This is most likely attributable to the fact that Singapore is a very rich island city-state despite having a relatively tiny population when compared to other countries in Asia. 

This article provides you with the knowledge that will allow you to bet online in a secure manner in the event that you, like thousands of other people, decide to take a risk and gamble online. This page will be of double use to you if you ever find yourself far outside Singapore and able to bet in a jurisdiction that recognizes the legitimacy of online casinos and poker rooms.