Things You Should Know About The Gambling Policies When You Play Online Slots At Casimba

Like every other gaming and gambling platform, there are several fair play and customer protection policies at which are important for you to know in case of any issue. If you are new to this platform, your priority is to contact the customer support team and ask about the available features, rules, and regulations, along with the payment options. It is only in your best interest of you to gather information first and then dive into this gambling world. This article will brief you about all the possible tricky features you will face while you play online slots at 

The self-exclusion feature 

The self-exclusion feature allows you to stay away from gambling for a particular time when you think you should take a break from your gambling addiction. Therefore, if you wish to cancel your self-exclusion before the expiration of the fixed time duration, it will be considered only after following an internal review process. However, if you want to cancel this request, you can do so after the 24-hour cool-off period. It will be applicable only after the cool-off period following your cancellation request. Here, you can also request that your account stays self-excluded for an indefinite period when you play online slots at

However, if after the request, you wish to undo this indefinite self-exclusion, you may contact the customer support team to explain your side and get it renewed anytime. Such cancellation of the indefinite self-exclusion period will only be applied after a 7-day waiting period has passed, and then your account will be reopened. Know that entering into self-exclusion is a joint commitment from both the website and you. The website will try to prevent you from re-opening your account or opening new accounts if the case falls out of your hands. 

Confirmation of Self-exclusion

However, during the period of your self-exclusion when you play online slots at, you must not attempt to re-open your account or try and open new accounts across the network; it will create false scenarios within the web site’s server that can prevent you from playing further. Remember, while choosing the self-exclusion of your account, the bonus is on you to complete the process. The process requires you to confirm that you understand the restrictions placed on your gambling method and then click the link that takes you to a confirmation page where you should choose the time for which you want self-exclusion. 

Finally, confirm by clicking ‘submit’, and you are good to go. You will soon receive an email that confirms your self-exclusion to be successful. Remember, if you do not complete this process, your account will remain active as it was before you applied for self-exclusion. In case, if you are unable to complete the automated process yourself, you should contact the customer support team and place a request stating that they apply for self-exclusion of your account in your place due to certain issues. You must tell them that you attempted self-exclusion on your own, but it was not successful, and therefore, you want them to manually self-exclude you. 

Period of self-exclusion 

Also, note that if you request help via email for self-exclusion, it will not be immediate rather you will receive the confirmation after it has been done. Know that as per the rules, the self-exclusion period is set to be six months from the website’s admin, but it can be short or extended if you want it to be. So, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team for any assistance you need regarding the self-exclusion period. Upon activation of the self-exclusion period when you play online slots at, the website will ensure that you receive no gambling notifications from their side. However, they are not liable for any third-party notifications or offers you get related to gambling and gaming at 

Remember, if you continue to gamble, open and operate new accounts, even after entering the self-exclusion period, the platform is not obliged to return any deposits, payouts, or other funds you spent without their discretion. It is your sole decision to play with the choice of continuous gambling or taking a break.

Account Verification for new players

To remain compliant under the licenses and for the protection of all the customers, reserves the right to request documents related to identity verification from registered and active customers to get details about the account holder. Note that these verification checks include your identity, age, bank account, and place of residence documents for a completely fair process. The documents required are given next.

  • To verify proof of identity: You will need a valid ID card, a valid photo driving license, or a valid passport when asked for ID confirmation.
  • To verify proof of address: For this, your address should be mentioned on your valid driving license, valid utility bill, or bank or savings account statement documents. 

You can email your documents directly to the customer support team’s email and speed up the verification process to get a withdrawal as soon as possible.

When your balance is not updated

If you encounter such an issue with balance and payouts; first refresh your casino account page. If your balance remains not updated, then contact your bank to confirm if the funds have been deducted from your account or not. However, if the problem persists, try another payment option among the list you get on the payments page of

To become a VIP

Your account status is reviewed daily based on the games you play, your deposits, and the withdrawals you make while you play online slots at Once you reach the level of a pro player, you will receive the notification for updating your player status to silver, gold, platinum, and other higher levels. It also depends on your gaming skills, so you have to be attentive and focus on what offers you can redeem at the earliest. Know that the customer support team at is friendly and multi-lingual to assist you 24/7 all the time. Don’t hesitate to discuss your problems.