Things You Need to Know about MegaSpore Probiotics

In the past ten years, a lot has happened. Anyone can map the whole microbiome at a low cost. It has made it possible to improve the understanding of the gut biome significantly.

Many of the previous focus areas people use have changed.

One should not limit themselves to managing symptoms with low-histamine probiotics or ever-decreasing elimination diets. Unfortunately, many diets cut out essential nutrients for good stomach health.

People are not focused on high-dose probiotics or single- or multi-strain fermented foods for their healthy guts.. Without enough good bacteria in the gut and an appropriate balance it  could lead to a worsening of the gut health.

Mega Spore Probiotics, which has been tested with hundreds of people and is now available for purchase, is the next-generation probiotic designed to balance the microbiome.

Here are the facts why they are the next generation of microorganisms:

Gram-negative Bacteria

Each bacterium on the planet belongs to one of these two types: gram-negative or gram-positive.

Its gram stain determines which category it belongs to. A gram stain can place a dye-like stain onto the bacterium. This color, when absorbed by the bacteria, is called gram-positive bacteria.

Gram-positive bacteria have a cell wall structure that does not absorb dye.

Gram-negative bacteria only have a cell membrane made up of lipopolysaccharides (LPS).

Histamine Producing Bacteria

LPS is a potent endotoxin. Endotoxins are toxins that are produced in the stomach. 

It’s not a toxin introduced from the outside (such as high-histamine foods or contaminated food). Instead, it’s built within the stomach.

It is well-known that high levels of gram-negative bacteria can also cause many conditions in the gut, including SIBO, celiac, and dysbiosis.

Gram-negative bacteria are also the main driver of leaky gut, chronic inflammation, and immune dysfunction in the gut and body.

You start to notice a shift towards gram-negative bacteria in small intestines dominated by gram-positive bacteria. In addition, histamine intolerance starts to creep up.

Probiotics of the Last Generation

A healthy gut biome requires diversity. Most microorganisms of the last generation on the market and most fermented foods are high in lactobacillus.

Lactobacillus, however, makes up only 1% of a healthy intestine.

Dysbiosis can be caused by inundating the body with one genus of bacteria via fermented foods and probiotics.

Next-Generation Microorganisms

Mega Spore Probiotics were the first antihistamine microorganisms that did not cause histamine intolerance symptoms.

Although this treatment may have helped with symptoms, it didn’t restore health. A balanced microbiome is essential for optimal gut health. Scientists discovered that microbes could even organize the microbiome to form a healthy, stable population, even with low doses.

Quorum Sensing

They discovered that Bacillus strains were capable of ‘quorum sensing.’

Quorum sensing refers to microbes’ ability to read other bacteria signatures, figure out who is there and what amount, and then methodically go in and affect certain bacteria.

Bacillus, an ordinary, common bacteria that has been studied in hundreds of papers, is safe to use for treating gut infections.

Bacillus is right next to bacteria. It brings down dysfunctional bacteria and boosts the levels of beneficial bacteria by influencing keystone bacteria.

Spore-based probiotics

These soil-based microorganisms can be found in dirt and vegetation and are also called soil-based probiotics.

These have remarkable stability, which is a significant advantage over other probiotics. In addition, they do not become ineffective due to heat, light, and stomach acid.

Instead, they are naturally encapsulated and remain dormant until delivered to the small intestinal tract. From there, they become active.

They can survive for approximately 30 days in the gastrointestinal tract before they are released from the body.


A wide variety of foods and a diverse range of bacteria are essential for gut health.

One of the most potent tools to recondition your gut biome is MegaSporeBiotic.

It works in a month, so one doesn’t have to restrict food or limit how long one can eat.