These are the Five Biggest Wins on Slots Ever

When you spin the reels on a slot machine (whether in a casino or online), it’s possible that in a few seconds time, you could be a multi-millionaire. 

Slot machines have come a long way since they were first introduced. Initially, players won chewing gum to try and convince authorities they weren’t being used for gambling purposes. Over the years, they have become more complex and progressive jackpots produce massive prizes. Let’s look at the five biggest wins on slots ever.

1: $39.7 Million – Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas

Imagine playing a slot machine and winning $39.7 million. That’s just what happened to a very lucky player at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas in 2003. The Megabucks slot machine really lived up to its name on that occasion. 

It’s a hugely popular slot to play (even more so if it makes you a multi-millionaire) with over 700 of them linked together. That’s how the progressive jackpot reaches such high amounts. Every losing spin increases the jackpot total.

The lucky winner was a software engineer from Los Angeles. They spent just $100 before the spin that won them the jackpot. The win wasn’t paid in one lump sum but via 25 annual instalments.

slot machine

2: $35 Million – Desert Inn, Las Vegas

Three years before that win at the Excalibur Casino, Cynthia Jay Brennan also had luck playing the Megabucks slot. Her win came at the Desert Inn Casino, also in Las Vegas. The cocktail waitress wanted to go and see a show but couldn’t get any tickets. Instead, she ended up playing the slot machines and chose one of six Megabucks machines to play.

$21 had been lost but then she put some more money in the machine. After two more spins, the jackpot was won with all three Megabucks symbols on the payline. Thankfully, the machine was situated right by the coffee shop. You’d need a coffee after winning $35 million.

3. $27.6 million – Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas

We’re still in Las Vegas for these massive slots win. It took place in 1998 when a retiree went to the Palace Station Casino. Her intention was to spend $100 on the slots but ended up spending three times that amount.

Her budget may have been broken but it proved to be money well spent. Yet again it was the Megabucks slot that produced the big win.

4. $23.6 million (€17.8 Million)–, Online

Not all the big wins come at casinos. Playing online slots has become increasingly popular and they also have massive progressive jackpots to be won. In 2013, a player from Finland played the Mega Fortune slot game and became a multi-millionaire. They’d only wagered 25¢ before the big win came along. He wasn’t even a player who specialised in playing slots games, poker was his favourite pastime.

If you want to go online and play some mobile slots, it’s a great idea to get some information on the best sites to join. Then, perhaps you might be the next player to go onto this list. Other massive online slots wins have been on the Mega Moolah game, including a $22.4 million win in 2018.

5. $22.6 Million – Bally’s, Las Vegas

Back to Las Vegas for the fifth biggest win. As you might have guessed, it was again the Megabucks game that produced the massive windfall.The win took place in May 2002 and was won by Johanna Heundi. The lucky slots player was 74 years old at the time. $170 had been spent on the machine before the jackpot was won.