The Triumph of Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres is one of the best football strikers today. He has a lot of awards for his successful play for the national team. In order to make a good bet on the victory of the club, in which the football stars play, use the services of the famous bookmaker iBet789. 

Fernando Torres played 110 matches in total, in which he scored 38 goals. The footballer managed to achieve tangible records at the European championships. He realized 5 goals at the continental matches, which is the best result among Spanish players. Want to make fortune smile upon you? Visit iBet789’s website

The picture of Fernando Torres’ success in recent competitions is as follows: 

  1. European Football Championship 2004. Not a good championship for Torres. Not a single goal scored.
  2. Championship 2008. Torres scored goals to Russia and Germany.   
  3. Euro 2012. He participated as a Chelsea player in this championship. He managed to score two goals to the Irish team and one to the Italian one.  

Fernando Torres managed to score magnificent goals in two final games of his national team at once, which makes his result significant. 

How did Torres succeed?

Football stars didn’t achieve tangible victories right away. The career of any football player is a lot of ups and downs. However, a true professional regularly demonstrates a top-notch game. Therefore, such players are especially valued at European and world championships. In order to take advantage of the best bookmaker, perform iBet789 login or register if you are a newbie. The best odds and a huge choice of football matches are at your service. 

Fernando Torres was the best forward of Euro 2012.

The player was distinguished by his determination and technical skill. He scored 3 beautiful goals against his opponents. It is difficult to list all the advantages of this forward. First of all, it is worth mentioning the high game speed, thanks to which the striker easily outplay defenders, going one-on-one with the goalkeeper. In addition, the player communicates well with other forwards who give him assists. Finally, Torres has the ability to position himself on the field and open up for a shot.

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