The promotions from Betano for Bulgarian clients that most people are not aware of

Five betting bonuses offered by Betano to Bulgarian online bettors -

Some countries have become gathering hubs for online betting websites, and Bulgaria is definitely one of them. Despite the country’s population of around 7 million people, many top-rated gambling websites obtain a license and offer their services. So, don’t be surprised by the Betano offers for Bulgaria which are often a lot more special those the rewards offered by other online casinos and bookmakers.

Since this operator has many fans across Europe, many Bulgarians already had some experience with it and were familiar with many of the promotions. Although some of the bonuses are slightly modified, most of the rewards offered from Betano are the same as those found in other countries.

With that being said, there are a few specific things that Betano decided to do to provide better services to its customers in Bulgaria. Aside from the better design and many features, the company also provides a couple of interesting proposals that most users are not aware of. That’s why we will check them out and see what we should know about them.

Betano creates short-term promotions, such as the one for Easter

Everyone who uses Betano’s site knows that this gambling company is famous for its attention to detail. Therefore, the website often creates special design features, additional options, and more.

One of the common things found on Betano’s site in Bulgaria is different short-term bonuses. Some are based on specific sports events or casino games, but users can also find propositions based on festivals, such as Easter. 

The short-term propositions provide different perks, but most require gamblers to play specific games and earn points. Of course, those points can only be earned during the promo period, which lasts a couple of days.

Speaking of promo periods, these short-term propositions are usually available for several days. Therefore, users have to deposit or place a bet within the promo period.

Tournaments from EGT

Like most world-class gambling companies, Betano teamed up with a variety of casino software companies from all over the globe. This explains why users have the chance to try so many high-quality games.

Despite the fact that the brand has many casino software brands, it seems like it has a closer relationship with a couple of companies. Therefore, there are a couple of Betano bonuses for Bulgarian punters who use the games created by this platform.

One of the best examples is EGT, a company that even has an office in Bulgaria. It seems like local gamblers are fascinated by EGT’s world-class options because Betano decided to create a special EGT slot tournament. 

Users who participate in this event can win up to 5000 BGN from the total prize pool of 50,000 BGN. There will be 200 winners in total, and each one will get various cash prizes. The lowest reward is 35 BGN.

Since EGT offers loads of games, Betano decided that it needed to restrict the titles that players can use. Therefore, a quick look at the T&C will reveal all of the specific casino games you have to focus on if you want to take part in this event.

Fantasy Weekly Freerolls

Many things set Betano apart from the other gambling companies available in Bulgaria, and one of them is the promo section. Besides the fact that there are multiple offers to choose from, these bonuses are divided into a couple of sections.

One of the categories that often provides a couple of active propositions is called Fantasy. The latter is a unique betting section that is only accessible on this site, and it lets people create their dream football team.

There are different kinds of fantasy promotions, but the most popular one comes in the form of freerolls.