The most played slot game – Joker Slot

Joker Slot is a slot game that is being played by people mostly in casinos and online betting websites. Read the article to know more about what a joker slot is and how should we play it.


Riches666 is a website that lets users play online slot games. On the website, you can register yourself for playing daily slot games or you can even enjoy the trial version of the Joker Slot games. In the trial version of the games, you won’t have access to all the games. In the trial version, most of the games will be locked. Few games which you can play include joker Slots. Also, during the trial version of the website, you will have limited levels of a game to cover.

Slot games are to be played in slots. Slots are Joker Slot machines where you are supposed to put a coin/baht and the machine starts spinning. If the spinning stops with three similar symbols on the screen, you win the slot. If three different symbols are displayed, you lose the slot game. You can try the game once again.

Joker Slot

Joker Slot is one of the most popular games in casino slot machines. For playing the joker slot game, you must first have a sufficient number of coins. In this slot game, you are first required to decide on a limit and then bet with minimum risk. For newbies and players not so professionals, it is recommended to play within the 20 pay line with a maximum of 50 bahts. If you are completely unaware of the Joker Slot game, you can refer to the how-to play section, on the website. The support team that is present to help you anytime and anywhere will guide you on how to play the joker slot.

Taking help from the professionals you will get an advantage over others as they will brief you about the rules of the game too. Also, before trying out games first hand, try to read about the game and know more about it. One of the most important things to check for a new slot game is whether the game is a low, medium, or high risky slot game. It is not recommended to play high risky games for new players. Try playing games with low risk and that too with a low betting amount.


The website of riches666 has a promotion section on the website. In this Joker Slot promotion section, you will get information about all the upcoming discounts and offers. Also, if you are a registered user of the website you can play the jackpot. The jackpot chooses random people every hour from the registered users. If you are the lucky one you will get tips and tricks to win the games through the jackpot. It also at times provides cashback and grants few bahts. You can transfer those to your account and continue playing games using them at the time of registration. You can also convert the bahts to real money by withdrawing a certain amount from your profile. For this, you are supposed to link your bank account. To link it, follow the next section.

Link Bank Account

To link a bank account, you have to visit the register Joker Slot section. Click on the register button. A form will be displayed where you are supposed to full your complete name, valid email id, and phone number. On the same page, you will also be prompted to enter your bank details so that you can link them to your profile for depositing and withdrawing cash. Check through the details once you complete filling them up.

Click on submit. An OTP will be sent to the registered email id to verify it. Verify the profile by entering the OTP in the given section. Now you have successfully linked your bank account to your slot gaming profile. Before processing transactions, you can check once by either depositing or withdrawing a small amount of cash. If you face any issues during this, feel free to contact the support team.


If you are a slot game lover and want to receive every update related to the game, visit the website and subscribe to the website of riches666. Riches666 will deliver all the updates to your inbox daily. You can then be updated with all the news related to slot gaming. This section is mostly used by professional betters as they are the ones who are curious to know about the latest happenings. Subscribing to the Joker Slot website early has few advantages. If you are a new player and have already registered with the website, over time you can become a professional in the games.

Sign in

Upon visiting the website you can sign in to your profile. Signing to your account, you will have access to certain benefits. If you are a signed-in user, you are allowed to have transactions on the website and explore other games. Visitors don’t get access to all features of the website. You can enjoy limitless features by signing in to your account. As long as you are signed in you are also eligible for the jackpot.


You can contact the team of the website if you face any issues while on the Joker Slot website. You can ask for their guidance regarding any of the latest and trending games. You can also ask for help regarding transactions, or any other feature of the website that you would like to use. Contact them via different social media handles. The contact section is also separately mentioned on the website. From there you can easily get the email address to contact the team. Live chat feature can help too in such a case.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the riches666 website and joker slot. We also read about how a user is supposed to play the joker slot and how transactions should be done on the website.