The Most Amazing Photo Galleries in the World

Every day, thousands of new photographs appear in the world. Photographers strive to show how they see this world through the lens of their camera. One of the prominent awards for creativity is the organization of their photo exhibitions with outstanding works, which thousands of people come to see.

Today we will talk about the top five most famous photo galleries worldwide. Even if you are not a photographer but are simply fond of this direction, you should visit New York, Chicago, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Here are collected pictures that are considered worthwhile. Getting into the museum, they remain in the viewer’s memory forever.

Today’s photographers in the digital world are much more likely to become famous and build their audience online. But this also leads to some additional problems. Those who exhibit their work in photo galleries do not have to worry about copyright infringement. But those who post online should think about protecting their property. One of the best ways to protect is to use an app for watermarking photos before posting them online.

International Center for Photography (New York)

The New York International Center for Photography came about thanks to war photographer Robert Cape. In 1966, Robert Cornell’s brother created the Photography Foundation to remember his relative. Already in 1974, the foundation grew into the Center, and a few years later, it became the most famous photography museum in the world.

Currently, the International Center for Photography in New York is the platform that brings together leading photographers, researchers, and teachers worldwide. The museum has a photography school, where several long-term training programs can be found. The Center also has its research center, whose employees study the archives.

The museum can hold from 2 to 4 photo exhibitions simultaneously. Mostly American documentaries and historical and contemporary photographs are exhibited here. But you can also see the work of European photographers of the 20th century. For example, paintings by Elliott Erwitt, Europe 1933-1956 through the eyes of David Seymour, and photographs by Eugene Atget, André Kertész, and Stephen Shore were exhibited here.

Address: 1133 Avenue of the Americas, 43rd Street, New York, United States. The entrance ticket costs $14.

Museum of Modern Photography (Chicago)

This museum was founded in 1976 when photography underwent significant historical changes. The gallery was opened at Chicago’s Columbia University. Currently, it is the world center for visual research in photography and other multimedia content.

The museum owns an extensive collection of works by world-famous photographers, including Ansel Adams, Vito Aconci, Marina Abramovic, and many others. You can always explore the “Collection” section on the museum’s official website to get acquainted with all the works in the collection.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum also hosts short-term exhibition projects. Also, an educational program has been launched at the museum, and some of the works can be purchased at a local store.

Address: 600 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605, United States

European House of Photography (Paris)

This photo gallery is located in the very historic heart of Paris. The exhibitions have been open to the public since 1996. At the moment, the collection contains a large number of photographs and prints. The territory also has its library, where you can find exciting literature related to the art of photography. There are huge lecture halls, a specialized bookstore, and even a trendy cafe.

The museum has a permanent exhibition, which includes more than 12 thousand works. The site also hosts contemporary temporary exhibitions. Sometimes up to two exhibitions can be held in parallel. If you come to Paris, be sure to visit this museum.

Address: 5-7 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris, France. The entrance ticket costs 8 euros.

Foam Museum of Photography (Amsterdam)

The museum began its work in 2001; the first was the exhibition “Dutch Admiration,” which showed the best pictures of the Dutch world, which are on the verge of painting and photography. As in the previous two galleries, there is a library, a cafe, and a shop on the territory. The museum publishes its periodical dedicated to contemporary photography.

During the year, an average of 4 exhibitions are organized on the territory of the museum. These are pictures taken in the following directions – documentary, art, and fashion.

Address: Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The cost of visiting is 9.5 euros.

Center for Photography and Visual Culture C/O Berlin (Berlin)

This is one of the most modern galleries, which began operating in 2000. The activities of the museum are connected with modern visual culture. Now the center is temporarily unavailable for visiting. It will open its doors after the repair in the American House.

Basically, the Center exhibits photographs of contemporary photographers and the work of personalities who greatly influenced the development of photography in Europe in the 20th century. Here you can find retrospectives of Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Leibovitz, and Peter Lindbergh.

Address: Hardenbergstraße 22 – 24, 10623 Berlin, Germany

While the Center is closed for renovations, you can visit the open-air photography exhibition. It is free for everyone.