The legendary Catenaccio

Catenaccio is a word that literally means “lock” in italian. It is a football strategy that focuses on protecting the team from attacks from the opposition. The website is a place where it is possible to bet on lots of teams that use different tactical dispositions each.

While this system is not as widespread as it was before, it is still an interesting idea to highlight some of its most interesting aspects. 1xBet is a great website to visit and wager on all kinds of football teams with lots of different strategies.

Some details

The Catenaccio is considered as one of the precursors of what has been known as Italian football. This system prioritizes the defensive aspect of the game. Players must be physically apt, run fast to cover space, and be talented with the ball in order to restart the game as soon as they recover the ball. The form, which translated into numbers can be rendered as 1-3-3-3, is extremely cautious. Bet sports live fast and easy with 1xBet also allows to make cautious bets.

The Libero, the rearmost playmaker, gives a hand to the defenders in marking (one of whom, usually the left, can push on the wing). A further protection is represented by the midfielders: one of them dictates the game, the other two deal with opening spaces and supporting the attackers. The three in front think about the ball possession phase. In the evolution of the Catenaccio called mixed zone, one of the outside attackers sacrifices himself in the returns to help the defense (called “hairpin wing”). These interesting strategies can be wagered at the easy bet sport live fast with great odds 1xBet platform.

Limitations and decline

The arrival of the Brazilian “ginga style” from the late fifties onwards and the rise of the Dutch totaalvoetbal in the seventies, brought out the limits of Catenaccio. Here several journalists decreed its disappearance after the 1970 World Cup finals and the 1971-72 European Cup finals, due to the superiority of the opponents. 1xBet – make any football online bet on this side would have been a great thing to do. In modern football, it has been replaced with styles like:

  • the tiquitaca;
  • and total football.

The disadvantage of the Italian defense was the poor adaptation to dynamic game situations, in which any sudden insertions were not read by the rigorous schemes of Catenaccio. Furthermore, despite being less physically expensive than total football, it was too wait-and-see, not very proactive and in the long run it suffered passively from the actions brought by its opponents. Yet, some teams that used this system were unstoppable, and were certainly great squads to make any football bet online 1xBet platform.