The legendary Bill O’Reilly

There are many incredible cricket players from Australia. This sport played in this part of the world can be highly entertaining, and punters can always wager on it by visiting the website. One of the best players to ever come from that specific part of the world was Bill O’Reilly. He had a magnificent career that lasted between 1927 and 1946.

He spent the entirety of his domestic career in a single domestic club, which was New South Wales. However, he was also a crucial part of the national team, which can be wagered at 1xBet as well. He represented that squad between 1932 and 1946.

An extremely accurate player

Bill O’Reilly is seen by many as one of the best players to ever use the spin bowling technique. Specifically, he popularized a technique that is currently known as the wrist spin. Although, in reality, despite its name, this move uses very little of the wrist. Punters can make cricket betting at 1xBet website on many players who use this highly effective technique.

O’Reilly was 188 cm tall. Normally, other bowlers of that height tend to be fast bowlers. However, the Australian preferred to master the spin bowling method. This turned out to be extremely effective. He had no problem in delivering all kinds of balls, such as:

  • leg breaks;
  • googlies;
  • and even top spinners.

Punters who make cricket betting at the 1xBet website will also be able to wager on different players who deliver those kinds of balls. Curiously, he seemed to do the exact same movements before throwing the ball, which confused batters a lot.

A difficult bowler to deal with

Due to all the techniques used by O’Reilly in his career, he really gave some big headaches to the batters who faced him. In addition to the aforementioned different techniques, he also made some unusual movements before releasing the ball. Punters can check live cricket score India on 1xBet, which can also be used to see what the best players in the game are doing at any moment.

For example, the Australian moved his arms in such a way that the ball was released at a point that was much lower than with other players. This made his deliveries even more unpredictable, and gave even more difficulties to the batsmen who faced him.
Bill O’Reilly was also praised by none other than Australian batting legend Don Bradman. He considered him as the best bowler that he had ever seen or faced during his entire career. It is possible to check live cricket scores on 1xBet India, which can be used to see how Australian cricket matches are doing.