The latest Programming Languages to learn in 2022

Programming and coding remain the most important skills to learn in the tech world today. All professionals in the tech world understand the importance and thus usually know at least one or more of the coding languages. Programming is integral to the seamlessness of navigations and activities in the tech world. Fully functional websites, mobile apps, and several other applications largely depend on the programming language to survive. Just like with other aspects of life, coding languages keep getting updated from time to time. As a professional, it is important to stay abreast of the developments.

Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, you cannot go far without being abreast with the updates in coding languages. You must verse yourself with several languages, especially the foundational and recent languages. To help make this easier, we are compiling a list of the 5 latest programming languages to add to your skills portfolio. In 2022 alone, several new languages have been developed that look promising. Read on to discover more of them.

Top five new languages to explore

They are several new languages, but we have picked out five for you to explore. These skills are very profitable, just like the games on the slingo platform. You can explore the websites to see winning opportunities. Let us countdown from one to five now.

Python 3

Python is arguably the most popular of all coding languages since it came into existence in 1991. It is very versatile and flexible in developing several applications, such as web development, desktop graphics, numeric computing and many others. Python 3 is an upgraded version which has corrected the lapses and flaws in the previous versions while maintaining the best features. Py3k or Python 3000 has some new built-in features such as dictionaries, strings, and many others. Python 3.9 is the release version that contains all the newest features.


This language was initially developed to compile source codes for JavaScript but has since been used for different purposes, which have been successful among coders. PureScript is roughly nine years old and has been used to convert codes to JavaScript. Besides this function, coders often use PureScripts to implement pattern matching, algebraic data types, and type class functions. This feature makes this language versatile among coders.

Elixir v1.12

Elixir was first released in 2011, and in May 2021 a more stable version was released which is the v1.12. Despite being young, it is very versatile and useful to developers around the world. Elixir 1.12 is dynamic in applications and has since gained wide acceptance in the coding world. You can use Elixir 1.12 to build scalable data analysis, embedded software, web development, and many others. Elixir v1.12 leverages Erland Virtual Machine and is well used by developers.

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Swift was developed in 2014 by Apple to build a programming language that can easily help someone turn ideas into an application within any platform of their choice. Swift has useful features such as fast iteration for collections and ranges, built-in error handling, and advanced keyword flow controls. Swift 5.5 released in September 2021 has the latest features and fixed the bugs in the previous version.


This is a programming language that is used to compile JavaScript. It is known for its quality tooling and simplicity of use. This language features automatic semantic versioning and reliable refactoring free runtime errors. It is used to build web apps and properties, fine-tune structure and navigations, and entity optimization. Elm makes it easy to write JavaScript codes.

So, there you go, the top five newest programming languages to discover in 2022. If you have not already, you should add these skills to your portfolio.