The Fastest Growing Gaming Genres Online

Everybody knows that the internet has taken gaming to a whole new level. The numbers are staggering, and it is feasible to see that it is an industry that will continue to see this growth over the next fiscal year and more. The following types of games are the ones that we think will drive the next period of growth in the online gaming sector.

  1. E-sports and competitive gaming

It has already become a billion-dollar industry, and yet there is arguably further growth and expansion in store. Last year’s League of Legends final had prize money of more than five million dollars, and word on the street is that this year’s prizes are going to be even bigger. More fans want to watch as well as play these online games which have become modern sports. Many software companies are now launching professional e-sport leagues to meet this demand. Many of these are linked to the top sporting clubs in the world, which have simply pulled some of these fans across to online sport in the offseason. A significant example is that the American NBA is starting an e-sports league, developed around the NBA 2K video game… more growth of the sector ahead.

  1. Casino games

The rise of the online casino has been steady and constant, and the trend has spread across the globe. From Canada to New Zealand and Macao to Brazil, you can play at a professional casino as long as you have an internet connection. Las Vegas may very well be the authority in bricks and mortar casinos, but the games they have on offer can now be played from the comfort of tour own home. Places like Lucky Nugget Casino have the type of games variety that is driving further growth as it is this variety of games that people want. It is also the ability to play these games together and in the same place with friends and family that makes them incredibly popular.

  1. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)

Although this genre may form part of the e-sport array, not all MMORPGs are e-sports, and many are simply played as a means to meet with others from around the globe to socialize. The quests that are possible and the fact that entire gaming tribes are springing up around these games has seen the massive multi-player role-playing games simply explode online. It’s a growth spurt that is only likely to continue as the tech improves.

The games that are the fastest growing online are all based on the need for variety in what people want to play and yet also the fact that people want to play together. As technology improves, such as virtual reality, streaming, download, and internet speeds, these games will only get better. Lastly, the growth, as detailed above, is very much related to the fact that these game types have all used social media, chat rooms, and online forums to build communities around the games that are more than just players. These game types have spectators and spectators in large numbers that will serve to further grow and maintain these online trends.