The Do’s and Don’ts Colombian Players Should Know About Playing Slot Games Online

Are you a beginner gambler on the online gambling market in Colombia? We have all the tips you need to know to get the best gambling experiences when playing online slot games. Keep reading below to find out more! 

Colombian online gamblers are really lucky for living in a country with such a thriving online gambling market. Since 2016, Colombia became the first country in South America to regulate and legalize online gambling, which quickly grew into a safe, thriving and profitable market in Colombia. More precisely, the online gambling market in Colombia finished 2018 with a turnover worth $555 million and a turnover of $1.4 billion in 2019. 

The Colombian government and the regulatory body in the country, Coljuegos, have made great efforts to create such a thriving market that benefits all parties involved, players, providers, and even the public health system in the country (Coljuegos redirects the funds obtained from exploitation rights to the public health system in Colombia). 

Over 55% of the country’s population is engaging with casino games, both online and offline. And, you need to know that slot games are one of the most popular casino games in the country, especially in the online world of gambling. Here’s everything you need to know about online slot games and how to play this casino game and get the best gambling experiences.

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Online slot games explained.

First things first, before we move forward to what you should know about playing online slot games, let’s make sure you know all the insights about this type of casino game. 

You’ve definitely heard a lot of people talking about online slot games. Your friends play it, you see a lot of ads online, and you may have even tried one game yourself. That’s because online slot games are super popular. Worldwide! They are part of the most popular casino games played by people from all around the globe.  

If you aren’t sure how slot games work, here it is: these games are driven by a random number generator that…generates random combinations of numbers. These combinations are basically the symbols you see on the screen when spinning the reels. You can learn more about how slots work by reading an expert guide on how to play slots.

Online slot games come in various themes, with millions of different symbols inspired from these themes, background music, and excellent opportunities for winning some money. So, what’s not to love about playing slot games?

The dos and don’ts of playing slot games

Now you know how slot games work and why people worldwide love to play them. Yet, let’s now see how you can play online slot games too and have the best gambling experiences. 

Here are the dos and don’ts of playing online slots online: 

Do choose the online casino carefully.

Good gambling experiences start with a good online casino website. What does a good online casino mean? It means: 

  • The casino is reliable, trustworthy, and regulated by the national regulatory body.
  • The casino has good reviews from other players about their experiences with the provider.
  • It has a good website design that is responsive, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and has a UX-friendly design.
  • The website provides several different casino games, especially different variants of slot games. 
  • The provider has transparent requirements and rules for bonuses, deposit, and withdrawal processes. 

These are all essential aspects for you to have great gambling experiences. 

Do practice with free games.

Many online casinos offer free games to attract players and help them learn how a game is played without gambling real money. So do take advantage of that! 

You’ll probably find a lot of free slot games online that you can practice with. This will help you better understand how to play online slot games and whether you like them or not. Afterwards, you can also start gambling for real money. 

Do use all bonuses you’re offered.

Online casinos offer plenty of different bonuses and rewards that are meant to attract players and support them with more funds or opportunities that will help them play for longer. 

You’ll be offered various bonuses such as deposit or welcome bonuses, free spins, loyalty bonuses, or cashback bonus. Do use all these bonuses to play longer and have the best gambling experiences. 

If you’re sure that you only want to play online slot games, choose a provider that offers a lot of free spins as rewards. 

Don’t bet all your payroll at once.

 As a major don’t, it is worth mentioning that you should not bet all your money at once when playing online slot games. Instead, practice good payroll management, which means making smaller bets instead of placing all your funds on one bet. 

Here’s the deal: when you bet all your money on one bet, and you lose, you lose it all. This means that you won’t be able to play anymore until you have more funds. In contrast, when you make smaller bets, even if you have an unlucky hand and lose, you’ll still have a lot of money left to continue playing and even win the money you lost back. 

Don’t desperately try to win your money back.

Speaking of winning your money back, don’t desperately try to do this because you may only end up losing even more money.  

When you allow your emotions to control your game, that’s when you’re more prone to making poor gambling decisions that can cost you even more money. So, if you lost an amount of money and you start feeling stressed about it, don’t continue gambling. Instead, pause, and start playing only after you are calm and you don’t feel like your emotions influence your gambling decisions. 

Don’t allow yourself to become too distracted.

Online casino games like online slots are all fun and games until they are not anymore because the player develops an addiction to playing. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in the games and become distracted. 

So, if you feel like online gambling stops you from completing other essential tasks, job responsibilities, spending time with your loved ones, or making you feel financial stress, stop gambling.