The differences between a token site versus a private cam site

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As a newbie in the camming community, knowing the type of cam site to sign up to might be somewhat tricky. Not anymore! Here’s the good news: cam sites are divided into three essential components: the private cam sites, the token cam sites, and the independent can sites. Knowing these three cam sites will help you further understand the one that suits you best. Hence, here are some of the information you need to understand before opening an account with any cam site. We’d be explaining the two most popular types of cam sites in this post, and they are the token and the private cam sites.

Understanding which of these sites to choose can be very tricky, as each has its unique features and its pros and cons. So, instead of choosing for you, we’d explain the two types and hope you choose the one that best suits your taste.

Token cam sites:

The token cam sites are also regarded as the public cam sites, and they run primarily on tips. So, if you’d be opening an account with a token cam site, you should understand that you’d be tipping cam models for performance on their public sessions for every action you’d like to see the cam model perform. Depending on the cam site and the cam girl, the tipping processes may differ. While some use countdown for every performance, some use top menus, which means you too, according to the action you’d like to see. Several cam girls websites and most of them run the token tipping system making it relatively straightforward to register on any impressive one.

Here are some of the pros and cons of registering on a token cam site


You can get keep in touch with your favorite cam model: Most token cam sites avail cam models the opportunity of sharing their social media handles, which boosts communication outside the cam site.

You get to make as many friends as possible: A large number of participants on live cam girl websites makes it possible for users to make like-minded friends and build a larger community while creating a network of opportunity via camming.


●    Restriction: Cam models might be restricted to sharing sexually explicit content on public shows, even for tips.

●  Breeds conflicts: token cam sites have the tendencies of harboring beefs amongst members, as a full chat room without a maximum flow of tips could result in uproar between members in the public show.

Private cam sites:

These sites charge members on a per-minute basis. So, instead of paying tips to the cam girl on her public shows, you pay a per-minute fee to the cam site for every private show with the cam girl. This private cam site offers very sophisticated features with filters that help keep your interaction with the cam model as private as possible. However, the cam model also has the opportunity of holding private shows with just a user, alongside other exciting incentives. Most private cam sites favor the cam models over the users since the cam model and the cam site are in some sort of contract, excluding the members.

Please note that the per-minute rate depends on the cam model and not on the cam site. So, the rate could differ from one cam model to another. Some private cam sites also offer tipping functions on public shows. Cam girls’ websites with such a level of privacy are some sites where you find porn stars posing as cam girls. So, if you are looking forward to camming with a porn star, you should visit the private cam sites.


● Encompasses all shades of kinky: as mentioned above, the private cam sites house all levels of kinky. You are most likely to find cam girls with fetishes. Since fetishes are not for everybody, you might want to stick to your fetish by engaging in a cam2cam session with a cam girl having your type of kinky.

● Makes budgeting easier: instead of spending money without a budget, since you’d be paying on a per-minute basis and not just random tipping, you can decide on a budget per week or per session on a cam site.

Cons:● It could be overly expensive: since there are no general rules or a steady per-minute rate, it’s sometimes quite expensive for most users to keep up. Once the payment made elapses, you exit the private show, and that could be a morale killer, especially when you are beginning to enjoy the company