The Best Indian Betting Sites for Cricket 2022

Cricket is a sport that is extremely popular in India. Cricket matches are played between two teams, each trying to score more points than the other. The points are earned according to the number of runs scored by the team. When the match ends, the team with the higher number of points is declared the winner. 

As mentioned earlier, the sport is very popular in India but the home country of cricket is England. It was first introduced to the sport in India in the 19th century. 

Betting on Cricket as a Hobby

Indians are extremely interested in cricket. The sport is recognised as a national sport here, which means every resident knows about it, many play it, some watch the broadcasts and there are those people who like to bet on cricket. 

Betting in India is a great leisure activity and some even manage to make money out of it. If you are the kind of person who bets or who wants to start betting, then you probably already know what is written above. 

The Best Cricket Betting Sites in India 2022

You have probably come here just for a list of the best bookmakers in India. Many experienced and new bettors often turn to articles for help in finding the best cricket betting sites in India. Here is a list of the best bookmakers in India for online cricket betting. 

  • Parimatch;
  • 1xBet;
  • Melbet;
  • Betway;
  • Indibet. 

This is our top 5 bookmakers in India as of 2022. Some might agree that it is quite possible. After all, everyone has different tastes. However, we have tried to pick the most versatile indian betting sites for cricket for local bettors.


This bookmaker, like almost all on this list, is hugely popular. Reliability, experience, quality of service – that’s about Parimatch. For over 20 years, this cricket betting site has been helping the people of India. Recognition has come gradually, which shows that the bookmaker has earned its fame through blood and sweat. 


The company has received a lot of great feedback, but it also has a lot of gratitude. Many sporting events and tournaments have been organized and supported by it. Of course, cricket has not been overlooked by the company. 1xBet has looked after its Indian customers by creating exceptionally ideal conditions for online cricket betting, as well as a plethora of attractive deals and incentives related to the sport.


Melbet is an extremely hyped betting company providing betting services in India. However, this sportsbook is one of the global cricket betting sites in India. More specifically, it is not headquartered in India but has a specific focus on that country.

 In India, users find Melbet quite common and easy to use. The site offers you a large and wide range of sports betting, including kabaddi, football and, of course, cricket, whose results the whole country wants to see!


Another extremely popular bookmaker around the world. The popularity has been earned over the years. Today, Betway is one of the most famous bookmakers for cricket betting in India. A lot of users choose this cricket betting site in India for the incredible quality of service, nice application, availability of convenient online streaming etc. 


Indibet is another company on our list. This organization is one of the few that has been able to attain success in a short period of time as a result of their diligent and high-quality work, which has helped to elevate the betting company to a higher level.

The design of the website is simple but effective. The site is dominated by the colours white and blue. The standings are available on the site’s home page, where you can select the match or event of your choice. Because Indian users dominate this platform, you’ll find everything they like here, including cricket.