The Best Goal Scorers In The World

It’s all about the goals in football. There is just so much excitement that comes with each score that the players take. The players do celebrate their goals in style. There are the best players in the world rated according to their skill and the scores they have made 

 Robert Lewandowski

The 32-year-old player is the best scorer in the world, hence aus casino players bet on him alot. He holds a record of 293 goals in all the games he has played at the club level. He has 3 goals at the international level.

Ali Dae

 The Iranian born player has 109 goals to his name from 149 appearances. He started his career in 1993 and since then he has been a man on a mission. He also played for Bayern Munich which is one o the top football clubs.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

 Appearing 179 times the Portugal player has 109 scores under his belt at the international level. also at the club level he has over 780 goals. He is currently playing for Juventus. Of all the things that you can talk of Ronaldo you can’t forget to mention that he is one of the best players in the world.

 Ali Mabkhout

 The player hails from the United Arab Emirates. he has 76 goals to his name out of 92 appearances. He is also the top scorer in his home country.

 Lionel Messi 

The iconic payer comes from Argentina. He is one of the richest and best football players. To date, he has 76 goals out of 149 appearances at international matches all his goals including the club level are over 750.Did you know that most of online gambling south Africa player bet on Lionel Messi.


The number of goals that these players just go to show that they are the best in the work. When it comes to football its one spirts that is very competitive you just have to prove you are the best.