The Best Female Wrestlers in The World

When it comes to several sports in the ist only the men that are talked of the most. That is not always the case with wrestling. Of all the top wrestlers in the world there ate so many women who are very competitive as well.

Becky lynch 

She also goes by the name Rebecca Quin. In her career, she has taken part in 526 matches. The Ireland born wrestler is one of the best female wrestlers in the world. She has two best other names currently.

Sasha banks 

Since the time she joined wrestling, she manages to rise nine places higher. Since then she has had a lot taken apart in 620 matches which just goes to show how much of a great wrestler she is. To date, she has five belts to her name. Did you know at Online Casinos Australia you can bet on non- athletic events like wrestling?


If you are a real fan of wrestling you would know that bailey is one of the best in wrestling. Born in the United States she is at the top of the list. To date, she has three titles to her name.

Charlotte flair 

 Born Ashley Elizabeth Flieh, charlotte flair is an American professional wrestler. Her father was also a wrestler. Also known in the ring as the Queen. Flair has over 5 championship wins throughout her career. 


This is one of the most competitive women when it comes to wrestling. At the start of her career, she struggled but in the past year, she has proven that she is a force to reckon with.


As much as wrestling is one of those scary sporty that not so many people would want to indulge in. these women have truly shown that they can do it just like how  casino za online players are dedicated to hames. Considering all the risks that the port comes with they have taken the centre stage. They are at the top of the game showing that they are the best in it.