The best casino games you can play

Casino gaming is on the rise because of mainly two reasons. The first one is that it allows winning money while having fun and the second one is that many games do not require any experience or skills to get started.

People have enjoyed playing casino games for centuries. Games like roulette and blackjack date back to the 19th century and are still one of the best forms of entertainment. Well, it is entertainment, as many call it, paid entertainment, where you pay to have fun unless you do it professionally. Since online casinos, people from every walk of life and of different ages are getting fond of casino games because of their distinctive features, convenience, and easy game plays.

However, it is an ocean of games to choose from hundreds of casino platforms. So, which games pay well and are best to play? Before we get into the best casino games, let’s look at the factors that make casino games the best.

High winning odds: a casino game must offer good winning odds, meaning the chances of winning the game are more likely than losing.

Low house edge: it is another important factor to consider. Any casino game with a low house edge, meaning low commission, allows you to win and take a major chunk of prize money home.

RTP: it is related to slot games. A high RTP slot machine, meaning anything above 97% is considered a well-paying slot as the house does not take a significant cut off your winnings.

Best casino games you can play

So, which games have all the mentioned attributes and give a better chance of winning?


On top of the list, it has to be blackjack. Being one of the oldest casino games, it also offers excellent winning odds. Further, it is simple to play, and following a basic strategy can win you good prize money.

Many people are fond of blackjack already because it is one of the fewest games that does not depend on luck. You need skills and a strategy to do well in this game, which you develop with time and practice.

Using card counting techniques and a strategy card makes it easy to play your game. Moreover, the low house edge makes it lucrative for new players to try blackjack.


Here is another oldest casino game that has been in place for ages. It won’t be wrong to call roulette a symbol of casinos. Over time, there have been innovations in this game, but the core remains the same, including the gameplay and rules.

Roulette is one of the highest-paying casino games, which offers winning odds of up to 50%. The European is the best to play as it has 37 pockets, unlike the American one, which has 38 pockets reducing the winning odds.

As a player, you have multiple betting options to choose from the betting table. You can pick a single number or series of digits, a grid, a colour, a sequence, etc.

These options have allowed players to explore more betting options and win small prizes instead of going after the jackpot, which has the lowest chances.

Video poker

The versatility and fun of video poker are unmatched. Although it looks like a slot machine, it doesn’t work like one.

It is easier to win here because the house odds are lower. Additionally, players who quit the game in the middle will get a refund for any unused funds. The different variations available in the game and the enhanced odds have made it a favourite among casino visitors seeking to win online jackpots real money.


There is a reason these casino games are popular among the fraternity. It is the winning odds, low house edge, and simple gameplay which appeal to the masses. Playing a casino game to win a prize depends on different factors, so consider them before taking a chance on any casino game.