The best boxing rings in the world

Boxing is one of the greatest sports in the world. You cannot box without the boxers themselves neither can you have a match without the boxing rings. As great as the sport is it also deserves to be hosted in one of the best places in the world.

The Cow Palace 

Located in San Francisco it’s one of the best arenas to host a boxing match and most betted by casinojoka players. This is a place that holds so much history. Established in 1941 all the world championships were held there. This makes it very significant when it comes to sports history.

Olympia Stadium 

The stadium is also known as the Red Barn, one of the biggest rings in the world. The stadium in Detroit is where some of the big names including Jake LaMotta made history at. Its also one of the oldest arenas still being used now.

Caesars Palace 

This is an outdoor stadium that has been in existence for a long time . Also where the great Mohammed Ali made history at. Though now being surpassed its fame by other rings it’s still of significance in the history of boxing.

Madison Square Garden

Located in manhattan the ring is rich with the history of the great boxers in the world. It’s also where the fight of the century was held where Joe Frazier defeated the great Mohammed Ali. It every boxer dream to have a match t this ring one in their career, did you know casino players can bet on their favourite boxers at south africa mobile casinos and stand a chance to win


These are some of the best boxing arenas that you can find in the world where you can find home calf machine. There is so much history that all of these places have. Most of them have hosted the greatest matches ever in the world of boxing. if you are a boxing sponsor looking for the beet ring to host a match these are the right places for you. There is just so much greatness that comes with them.