The 25 Best Free Mobile Games To Play on Your iPhone

Finding the best free games to play on your iPhone can be tricky. There are many cool games but most are often paid options. 

Luckily, we have done the hard work for you!

Here, we take a look at the 25 best free mobile games to play on your iPhone. Let’s get started, shall we?   

  • Infinity Pinball

Infinity Pinball is one of the popular free mobile games for iPhone characterized by endless pinball play. In this game, you are required to keep your ball blasted upwards to a new table. The game offers collectible coins to allow you to unlock more tables and advance the game for more points. 

  • Pokemon Go

Perhaps the list would not be complete without Niantic’s Pokémon Go. The location-based game has tremendously grown since its launch in 2016. This game is a raid and battle mission aimed at finding the rare Pokémon species for more points.

  • Geshin Impact

Developed and published by MiHoYo, Geshin Impact is a 3D, action, and adventure game worth playing on your iPhone. Plenty of people are already in love with it citing the clever use of gatcha and its vast worlds. The green landscape is amazing too. 

  • Dungeon Faster 

This is a card strategy game developed by Old Oak Den. If you played a slots game, perhaps you might carry your tricks into this game. Here, you try to defeat your enemies by building custom cards and unlocking items to smash them. 

  • Zombie Football

Zombie football is a free iPhone game that is set on a traditional green football pitch. This pitch has obstacles and your role is to avoid being killed. You do this by tricking the zombie to clear your touchdown pathway, getting away from speed-sapping mud, and even grab some lying energy foods.

  • Super Fowlst 2

If you are looking for an easy yet exciting game, then Super Fowlst 2 is a good choice. Here, you are guiding a chicken to bounce around various levels by tapping the left and right-hand sides of your screen. 

  • Boost Buddies

In this game, you are a cat in a box aiming to reach a crown. However, there are various obstacles around the way such as laser beams, swinging axes, blowing fans, and critters. You have to devise a way to evade them to reach the crown.

  • Don’t Trip

As the name suggests, this game is about evading terrains. It starts from the kitchen and then moves to surreal terrains. At some points, you avoid knives, axes, lava, and swimming pools among others in best Minecraft servers. The higher you progress, the more the points. You control your movements by Pressing your screen and rotating your iPhone.

  • Train Party

This is a train game for multiple players. Here, you play competitively or collaboratively. The game aims to lay tracks for the train and avoid disastrous derailment from roaming wildlife and track bombers. The players are connected over the same Wi-Fi and collectively guide the train to arrive on time. 

  •  PinOut

In this game, you hit ramps to let your ball travel over a pinball table. Here, it is you vs the clock. You don’t want to waste time finding your ball behind the flippers. When the time is over, the game is over as well. 

  • Badlanders

In this game, you fight for treasure and glory in the ruins of an ancient civilization. What matters is your life. You fight the enemy, obtain loot, build up your arsenal, and open the market to sell your battle loot. 

  • Words for a Bird

This is a word puzzle game aimed at uncovering the words for the bird. The white box describes incomplete words to fill.  After solving 15 levels, you discover all the words for the bird.

  • Yokai Dungeon

Yokai Dungeon is another good free iPhone game that involves running around and beating down demons. This game is available across several devices including iPhone 12. Your mission is to run and grab movable objects for squashing the demons on the wall. These movable objects are spread over a series of linked areas. Therefore your pace is of great importance. 

  • Gogogo

This a multi-challenge multiple-player head-to-head game.  Here you test your natural abilities with 3-16 competitors. These abilities include memory, reaction, creativity, and physical challenges among others.

  • Beet Street

In this game, you are helping Toko City’s citizens fight evil gang members terrorizing them. You are fighting your way through enemies and obstacles to become a hero for the town. 

  • Project Makeover

In this game, you try to create makeovers from fashionable and customized clothes, makeup, furniture, or hairstyles.  Your choices enable people to achieve their dreams.

  • Democratic Socialism Simulator

This is a political game where you assume the role of the first socialist president of the U.S.A. Here, you navigate several issues including taxes while making sure you don’t upset your voters nor allies.  

  • Knight Brawl

This is a battle game where opponents fight for their managers to win gold coins. The fight takes place on castle roofs, pirate ships, and two other locations. Coins buy new helmets and glorious golden axe. 

  •  Williams Pinball

This game involves a range of classic tables. Here, you start with a basic table then take a series of challenges to unlock premium tables. 

  • Daddish 2

After dad’s return from his biggest adventure, his impromptu “Bring Your Kids To Work Day” doesn’t go well. Some of his kids are missing and he sets off to find the missing children. He goes through swamps, climbs big trees, and even to outer space using rockets.

  • Spooky Squashers

This is a quick squash arcade game where players evade spooky castle to beat the evil chef ghost and his minions. 

  • Pigeon Wings Strike

In this game, Duke Dexter and his evil minions have returned to take over Velo City. Your role is to use Pigeons to save the city. 

  • Rumble Stars Football

This is an explosive multiplayer game where you form a team that competes with opponents. Here, you get your rumblers to the perfect position and make goals against the opponents.  

  • Rainmaker-Beautiful Floods

This game is a story puzzle about Tiana, a young girl who sets out on a mission to discover the cause of rain. Here, you use the precious medallion to alter Tian’s body into different objects to help solve the puzzles. 

  • Night of the Full Moon

This is a stand-alone card game with the plot revolving around the card battle. Each NPC and BOSS have a mission and temperament. Different choices yield different results.  

Wrapping up

That’s it! Find the games that fit your tastes and preferences and enjoy them. We hope our list will help as you pick some new games to explore. Try them and be the judge!