Tempting temples of the Slots

When it comes to having an adventure, many wouldn’t think of taking to the world of the Slots and hiking through the jungle reels to discover something new. With new discoveries always waiting, these slot games might just be the perfect way to see the world. What’s more, you won’t have to leave your sofa, or even have to think about packing all the essentials and worrying if your suitcase will be over the weight limit.

With many adventures being available from just the touch of a button or a tap of a screen, temple themed and other thrilling online Slots await you, so, we thought it would be a great idea to showcase just some of the many tempting temple games ready and waiting for you to explore.

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Temple of Fire

Things are certainly about to heat up when you press play and enter the Temple of Fire, where you’ll be offered the chance to spin five reels within a mysterious Mayan-style temple adorned with a multitude of golden objects, home to the fire goddess.

Like all Slots found on the casino floor, there are, of course, symbols paying homage to the digital world the game is set within, with this slot being no different, as the symbols you’ll see spinning into play consist of gold rings, earrings and other pieces of jewellery, a variety of brightly coloured animal heads and the Temple of Fire logo, not forgetting the word Bonus acting as the scatter as well as the word Wild in front of a fire acting as one of the wilds within this game. The second wild symbol on offer is the fire goddess herself.

With added bonus features waiting to be found within the temple walls, there is so much to be discovered when you enter the Temple of Fire, the only question that remains is – will you be the one to find the ultimate jackpot hidden within, or will you get lost in the maze?

Temple of Iris

As you tap play, you’ll be transported back in time to ancient Egypt, when the gods and goddesses walked this earth and the pyramids had only just reached completion. It was during this time when those worshipped were more heard than seen, with worshipers reading the hieroglyphics, believing they were hearing from the gods through their messenger, Iris.

It is here, within the Temple of Iris, found deep within the Valley of the Kings, where you will be guided through the reels by Iris, in the hopes that the divine presence will bring you luck as you try to match Egyptian symbols found within the reels. You can expect to uncover icons consisting of items such as an ankh symbol, a golden cobra, a cool cat, a ruby scarab, the Eye of Horus, as well as pyramid scatters and a female priestess acting as the game’s wild symbol.

Will Iris guide you to great fortune hidden within the pyramids, or will you end up getting wrapped up with the mummies?