Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti variation is a Casino game that is popular in South Asia and is said to have originated in the Indian subcontinent. This game has cards that are mostly offered by gambling venues that are land-based and played by 3 to 6 players at a time using a pack of 32 cards. 

There are different types of Teen Patti variations that use the standard 52 card deck. There are two ways in which a team party can be played: one is by adding Joker cards which are considered to be wildcards and the second one is to use a three-card hand to maximize the pot before the showdown. There are 3 Patti variations that is interesting. Keep reading to know more about teen Patti variations.

Interesting teen Patti variation to try

Teen Patti variations can be played with your family and friends to add more fun during card games.

  • Joker hunt

Joker hunts are interesting in which 3 parties play the game in which three cards are given to each one of them in an open table of cards. The player has the opportunity to either pick up one open card or to discard one of his cards into the back if he doesn’t want to pick any card which is placed on the table. This particular scenario is called face Down.

  • Closest to 555

This is an amazing game in which three cards are given to each one of the players. The main task of the players is to arrange the cards as the digits are closest to 555. The players can also exchange one of the cards in the game with the new one from the pack which helps them to improve their game by paying counters for it. In this game, the player will have to give up a card get a new card after 2 rounds of the normal betting.

  • Banko

Banko is an amazing teen Patti in which the game proceeds in a turn-wise manner that supports each player separately. In this game, the player has to bet some money based on how the next card will precede the game between the open cards placed on the counter. The game will continue until one of the players wins the entire money.

In and out

In this teen Patti variation, the player can play the game in different ways. Every player of this game will have to put two counters on the table and the dealer will give them three cards with 3 jokers on the table. Each player can say he is ‘in’ or ‘out’ which means that whether or not the player thinks the game is good enough to be continued.

In a nutshell, the teen Patti variation allows the player to try out different game which keeps them entertained during their free hours. It can be played along with family members or friends to make card games even more interesting. Ensure to know the rules of the game to avoid confusion.