Tech is changing the world of gambling; here’s how

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For some, the image of casinos remains inextricably linked to physical venues where the noise of slot machines and drinks clacking creates an irresistible atmosphere. However, for a growing category of gamblers, that’s not at all what playing casino games looks like. For more and more people, especially Millennials and Gen Z, which now make up the largest portion of the market, the casino experience is online. Whether they are played on desktops and laptops, or on smartphones, through an app, online casino games are here to stay. They’re the latest form of gambling that not only offers convenience but also extra financial perks, if you take into account bonuses and promotions. Market data shows that online casinos are on the rise – by 2026, the industry is set to reach $100 billion. In the past year, no less than 64% of people chose to gamble at home for safety and convenience reasons, and this trend isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. The rise of online casinos was so metric, in fact, that many people now wonder if land-based casinos will be able to keep up. While it’s unlikely that physical casinos will go away, many small ones will likely close down and perhaps even migrate online, where they can reach more gamblers. 

So, how did online casinos manage to get this far? Although there are many factors at play, the latest developments in technology made the biggest contribution. It’s because of them that the online gambling market grew in size and why it continues to reach new audiences. In fact, even legislators acknowledge the influence of online casinos, which is why they create special regulations to guide their activity. For instance, online gambling regulations came into effect in Colombia and the local gambling authority acknowledged the trends that players loved. 

Tech has changed the world of gambling and rebuilt it from the ground up, reaching new audiences and helping the industry grow. Here are some of its most important contributions: 

New and refined gaming experiences 

The first and most obvious improvement brought forth by technology is that it made casino gameplay more immersive and realistic. Perhaps all of us remember that about ten years ago, online casinos were a bit limited in terms of game variety. Because tech wasn’t quite there yet, the websites had slow loading times, the games weren’t always compatible with the browsers, they froze a lot and even once you got them to work, they felt a bit slow and the whole experience didn’t rise to the standard of physical casinos. Now, things are different. 

Online casinos offer seamless experiences and the games are realistic and smooth. Whether you play casino games on your laptop or smartphone, everything is fast and well-optimized. Games of ruleta look and feel just like the real thing and thanks to the high-end graphics and sound effects, you feel as if you were really in a land-based casino. 

Needless to say, thanks to tech advancements, you have more games to choose from. If in the past options in online casinos were limited, now it’s the other way around. Slot machine hardware in land-based casinos is limited and online you have more options than ever before. Online casino operators aren’t confined by space, so they can add however many games they want, without worrying about hiring staff to maintain the machines. Online casinos have partnered with leading software developers to create gaming experiences that really stand out and some complexity to traditional games. For example, many casino fans have grown up with slots games being quite simple but now, they’re much more complex, with features such as multiple line action, progressive jackpots, and bonus levels. And the even better news is that innovation won’t stop anytime soon. We have entered the age of digital transformation and, as operators continue to invest in new technologies, games are about to become even better. 

Better security

More and more people rely on technology for entertainment, but this also carries a higher risk in terms of online security. Cybercrime is on the rise and, as platforms where huge amounts of money are being deposited and withdrawn on a daily basis, online casino platforms were some of the first ones to take action and invest in online security. For example, if you read the expert review of maquinas tragamonedas en Colombia, you’ll see that top-rated casinos have invested in security certificates and that they went the extra mile to ensure the users’ online privacy and security. Thanks to the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), casino operators can immediately detect suspicious account behavior. If someone other than the account holder attempts to manage funds or places an alarming number of bets, the account may be temporarily blocked. What’s more, transactions are verified to reduce the risk of malware. When online casino operators submit their application for licenses, they are held to a very high standard and, if they cannot meet the latest safety requirements, they don’t get a license. 

Online marketing brings high-quality casino games closer to players 

It’s important to point out that, in this day and age, technology doesn’t just refer to casino game development, but also to many other steps across the player’s journey. That includes marketing. If, in the past, people would find out about casinos from friends and family or simply walking down the street, now, they have access to more sources of information that allow them to make educated decisions. For example, after reading about a new online casino in ads or seeing it on social media, players can read online reviews and visit comparison websites to find out if that casino offers them the features they appreciate most; and the other way around, they can find out if it’s too good to be true. Ultimately, this not only empowers the user to find games tailored to their needs, but also offers them access to personalized bonuses and promotions.