Spotify success can be reached only with promotion services!

How long is the road to musical greatness? How many years does it take to become a popular musician on Spotify? I am sure that those are the exact same questions that you have asked yourself the first second you have decided to start a Spotify career. Probably you were waiting for crowds of fans, the next moment you have clicked “upload”. However, reality is often disappointing. And now, you are a musician with small or zero number of followers, plays, likes, and shares. You are desperate, and are looking for any possible way to bring yourself to the top again. So, you have found a solution – paid promotion of your music. It is easy, fast, and convenient. But despite being sure about music promotion, you still have no idea how to choose one, among all Spotify promotion services. And this text is created to help you with that.

There are thousands of music promotion companies that offer Spotify promotion. They have different packages, different promotion options, different prices. And choosing the one that fits your needs and won’t bankrupt you, is not an easy task. So, there are four main parameters to look at: website quality, pricing, reviews, and payment options. Let’s discuss all of them in more details.

First – website. Website is the face of the service. Website sells. So the page should look modern, clean, and perfectly crafted. There should be no weird color schemes, pop-up windows, and all that. The website must perform adequately, and be stable. If you see a very easy-to do and simple interface, with weird banners and ads all over it – that is a scam. A hundred percent! If the company spends money on the website, it means that they will spend time on your promotion, and it increases chances of getting real traffic, and not a fake one.

Second – pricing. The price on every promotion option has to be adequate, not too high, and not to low, somewhere in the middle. You don’t want to pay extra just for a fancy name of the company. Also, you can’t afford to pay a very small price for your promotion, because cheap promotion means cheap and fake traffic. And you need the real one, the organic one. And everything real and organic costs money.

Third – reviews. This parameter is super basic and obvious – look for the service with high rating and good reviews. However, don’t trust the services with straight fives, because that is very rare to be true. If the promotion service can give you plays and followers, it can also generate some reviews. So again, averagely rated 4,5+ services are the ones to choose.

Last, but not least – payment method. A good and easy way to spot a scam is to check payment options. if you are seeing Bitcoins – those transactions are irreversible. You have to look for Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Look for ones with the payment services that you trust.