Sports Betting – Trick to Consistency

Making money consistently from gambling is every punter’s dream. Some insist that it is not possible, while some remain adamant that it is. The fact is that both opinions hold substance. 

Unsuccessful gambling is well documented, and consistently losing or losing large amounts is often linked to a gambling problem or just general poor strategy. 

In contrast, successful gamblers are not well documented, but they are out there. Professional gamblers can make a solid earning, and in some cases millions of dollars a year. Billy Walters, one of America’s most successful gamblers, claims that he never had a losing year, and some years he could make up to $50 million a year. 

So how do the successful gamblers stay successful? Even if you know everything about sportsbetting, you still need to understand some of the best tips. We are going to look at a few of their methods that allow them to stay consistent and keep the bookies running for cover every time they look to make a bet.

Staking Strategy

Never risking all in on one bet. If you go all in, then you risk the chance of going broke and losing your entire bankroll. This would cause devastating consequences, meaning you wouldn’t be able to continue betting. Most professionals set their own maximum stake, and it is usually between 1-4% of current bankroll. The bet placed would be a straight bet, and usually would be handicapped in your favour. If a professional sees value in a multiple bet, then the stake risked would be far less, somewhere around the 0.1% mark of total bankroll available. This seems extremely cautious, but over the long run, the rewards are excellent, as betting with handicapped favourites allow the odds to be in your favour, meaning you will win far more times than you will lose. Making sure you keep a healthy bankroll is the key to sustainability. 

Use the RIght Online Sportsbook

Another big tip is to make sure you sign up to the best online bookmakers that offer the best sign up deals and bonuses. To find these, use popular sites like Sites such as this will provide you with links to the best sports books which offer free bets & bookmaker offers, odds on upcoming games, and markets including Euro 2020. 

With free bets, you can wager on events such as Euro 2020 without risking your own money. Plus, other sign up bonuses will also get you great value when picking the best winner odds out of the approaching Euro 2020 fixtures. Betting offers such as enhanced bets, for example, will give you better odds as a new sign up!

Value Betting

Value betting is a less stressful way of betting as it means low-risk, high-reward. With a little bit of studying, it is quite easy to find an overpriced team, simply by checking current form and probable team selections. 

A value bet is not always the outsider, it can also be the favourite but for some reason, the price for them to win is unexpectedly high. A bet like this would mean you would only need to stake a lower percentage of your bankroll in order to get a decent return. It is a powerful bet, but not one that is recommended all the time. After all, there is a reason why the bookmaker priced them higher than you would have thought. Maybe they know something that you don’t.

Have a target 

This is quite a simple logic, but one that is not so easy for some. You need a target profit in mind before placing a bet. If your bet wins then you should wait for another betting opportunity on another day and not rush into placing another bet, thinking you are on a ‘winning streak’.

It also works the same way if you lose – wait for another chance and don’t rush into another bet. A bet needs to be placed with the maximum amount of research and studying possible in order for you to make a logical selection.