Sportradar – A World-Leading Sports And Technology Company

Sports couldn’t stay aside from meeting technology which is leading to a worldwide-sized milestone change. As a first-class sports technology company, Sportradar is taking the industry of sports betting to the next level by involving over 120 countries for thousands of consumers.

Today, staying ahead of the market is crucial, that’s why technology comes in with its innovative tools to allow both betting operators and sports fans to simplify their activity and get the best results. What’s more, the team of Sportradar is made of sports fans itself, which translates into high-level entrepreneurial accuracy and totally custom-dedicated services. Sportradar’s data help sports operators to keep ahead of the curve while helping sports fans to get satisfying revenue from their bets.

The Rise Of Sportradar – Know More About The Company And What They Do

A new global platform began to take shape and emerge halfway between digital technology and the sports fields: its name is Sportradar, and it currently is one of the world’s leading sports technology companies. It was founded in Norway in 2001 and is headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Since its first days, the company has been using the most advanced technological innovations and data science to provide the most accurate data and information to sports federations for legal measures and confirming the results of matches in case of doubt or controversies.

Sportradar works in partnership with hundreds of international sports federations. Its main contribution consists in detecting fraud and doping cases. Also, the company plays a significant role in sports betting data offering precise data to all online sports betting sites and platforms for accurate statistics about the matches and their results.

A New Partnership With SAFF In Sportradar’s Agenda

The business plan of Sportradar looks full of new drafts to accomplish: one of the most attractive projects for the company is a new partnership with SAFF, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. From Mr. Rajeh Abdullah’s words, a prominent sports expert at Casinoelarabs, sports represent one of the major industries in Saudi Arabia that nourish it with huge investments. It’s pretty easy to understand why public opinion is focusing on the new partnership and its potential impact on sports in the country.

The announcement about SAFF Integrity App comes in time for the 2022-2023 season to emphasize the integrity of sports matches. , In fact, the new app is meant to allow the Saudi fans to communicate with the Federation directly and easily to report any cases of cheating on the field or fraudulent activity in the results. Using the new SAFF Integrity App will be an added value to all sports competitions as all clubs and federations will get an accurate report for the application of disciplinary measures in case of fraud or violations in the match results.

More benefits from the SAFF Integrity App touch the field of sports betting. The work of an international body to ensure the integrity of the sports results is an extra warranty of honesty and transparency when you want to place a sports bet, both online and in the traditional way. So, for all those who are interested in getting the SAFF Integrity App, all you have to do is to download it from Google Play (Android devices) or App Store (iOS devices). The app is free and available in English and Arabic.

Latest Achievements Of Sportradar – The Universal Fraud Detection System

Sportradar is not only starting a promising collaboration with SAFF in Saudi Arabia, but it’s also conducting successful partnerships with several sports companies and platforms worldwide. On August 3, 2022, Sportradar announced another new launch: the Virtual NBA, a computer-based AI technology for betting. Virtual NBA is designed to help gaming operators to enhance engagement with fans. Again, one of the most prominent parts of the work of Sportradar is to meet the public of users of its technology.

We know technology never stops evolving. Sportradar, as a technology provider for sports platforms and federations, is always on the front line to improve its services in tune with the times. A recent piece of news came out on August 9, when Sportradar revealed to provide its Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) to Twain Sport to help their operators identify any manipulations in the users’ bets. The UFDS will track all the odds options and changes; it will also monitor every sports match minute after minute.

Twain Sport, a conjoint new business between BetGames and Hybrid Sports League, is proud of implementing its technology system with Sportradar’s UFDS. That is the world’s most effective tool to monitor and analyze the betting market to find any irregular betting action. For Twain Sport, using the UFDS technology means increasing the security and integrity of its billions of fans’ betting experience worldwide.

Great Expectations On The Market Frontline

Finally, we want our readers to get a peak at Sportradar’s second-quarter financial report: the company’s revenue for the first quarter from April to June was € 177.2 million, corresponding to 23% yearly. It’s undoubtedly an impressive amount of money, of which € 29.1 million comes from the US sports world, about 66.3% of the total company’s revenue. The American market is, in fact, one of the fastest-growing on the planet.

As you may expect, Sportradar’s share price started to skyrocket soon after the company announced its second-quarter report. If you want to put it in numbers, consider that Sportradar’s trades jumped from $ 12.00 on August 16 up to $ 13.83 per share the day after. It all corresponds to a price increase of over 15% per share.

According to Sportradar’s chief executive Mr. Carsten Koerl, the company’s second quarter revealed an even better business performance than any expectations, with a total growth of 23% year-on-year. The company’s administrators and representatives feel confident in the enhancement potential of Sportradar under these historical financial conditions.