Spinning the wheel of good fortune

The Roulette wheel has come a long way since it’s (accidental) creation in the 17th century. Blaise Pascale was the man responsible for creating the now iconic wheel, however what he was actually trying to do was invent the first ever perpetual motion machine. Whilst this may have been considered a loss to Pascale, it was certainly a big gain for the world of gaming.

The wheel remains an iconic gaming accessory for not just Roulette, but in a wide range of popular spinning games. For example, a favourite wheel, loved by many since the late 80’s, all the way through to the early 2000’s was the Wheel of Fortune gameshow. The premise of the show was fairly simple, with contestants spinning the wheel, comprised of different value segments and figuring out the correlating word puzzle. 

The concept of “spin to win” has remained a big feature in even modern-day gaming creations. Read on as we tell you more about one of our favourites. 

Live Spin A Win

Staying in the world of online casino, here’s a game that is loosely based on the iconic television show we mentioned above, found within the live games section of casino sites called Live Spin A Win. Whilst only using the wheel element, the Live Spin A Win wheel does also contain different numbered pockets, just like the iconic show.

The compartments not only contain different valued multipliers such as 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x your first bet, but alternate with a range of colours, giving players an opportunity to place a bet either on what colour the wheel will land on, the number, or both. And, when it comes to the numbers, you can place a stake on a specific number or a number group of either odd or even.

To give more of a gameshow vibe to the game, a real-life dealer will be joining you. The dealer is located in a casino studio, along side the wheel itself. As the dealer is the one to spin the wheel, nothing is computer generated in terms of where the wheel will stop and land on. Bets can be placed once betting opens, but don’t take too long to decide where to place your stake as once betting is closed, no more bets can be taken, moved or swapped.

Your wager will be represented by colourful casino chips. Each chip represents a different amount.  Any prizes won within the wheel can then be exchanged for real money and will then be added to your gaming account.

With the options to place bets on numbers, colours, odds, evens and so on, the game’s rules are rather similar to those of Roulette. However, the main difference is the added features and the fact that the prizes are directly determined by the multiplier element within the wheel, resulting in numerous players having the potential to walk away with those top-level prizes. 

So, with all this in mind, are you ready to spin the wheel for a possible fortune landing in your bankroll?