Some of the best romantic comedies of all time

Romantic comedies are an extremely popular genre as they mix both the right amount of comedy and romance into one film, it’s as simple as that. This means that they are the perfect film for a couple…the male loves the comedy aspect, and the female loves the displayed romance within. Rom-coms are shown regularly on evening live TV due to their versatility and popularity. That’s as long as you have a working TV aerial of course! Click here for TV aerial installation. Realistically speaking, this genre is more or less loved by most, and that is why some of the best films of all time fall under this genre. However, this pool of films can be hard to navigate your way through due to the extensive amount of content produced over the years, but to make things easier, we have provided a short breakdown of some of the best romantic comedies of all time. Let’s jump in.  

The Parent Trap 

A young Lindsay Lohan perfectly displays the character of not one, but two young girls, who both attend a summer camp, they later discover that they are actually long-lost twins. Once the camp has finished up, they construct a plan to replicate one another, to visit their estranged parent after 11 years of separation. Hallie, originally living with her father in California makes her way to London to reconnect with her mother, and Annie, who resides in London with her mother, travels to California, to reunite with her dad. As the twins correspond with one another during their trip, their next attempt is to reconnect their mother and father by tricking them to meet again. This 1998 romcom is highly entertaining and young Lohan’s talent portrays the mischievously witty girls perfectly.  


More recently having faced a series of criticism, this 1970s classic is still believed to be a masterpiece, and one of the best romantic comedies in our eyes. Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as Danny and Sandy, the pair initially meet on a beach and end up falling in love. As Sandy resides in Australia, they fear that they will never see each other again however when Sandy’s parents decide not to return home, she finds herself enrolled at the same school as Danny. Their conflict and romance begin here, and with the help of the “T Birds” and the “Pink Ladies”, the movie is nothing short of dramatic and exciting.  

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before  

The plot focuses on shy, yet pleasant, high school student Lara Jean, who writes out five letters addressed to all of the boys she has, or had, feelings for. After her mischievous younger sister finds her way into Lara’s closet, she leaks the letters to the addressee’s. Lara Jean realises that the letters have been leaked after an old crush, Peter Kavinsky, approaches her at school with a letter, alarming her, particularly as one letter was addressed to her older sister’s ex-boyfriend! As the storyline progresses, we realise that not all luck Lara Jean has is bad luck, as a romantic connection begins to spark with a certain addressee. If you have a Netflix subscription, be sure to tune into this modern-day, teen-focused film as it is considered one of the best romantic comedies within the Netflix Original library so far! 


Featuring a complicated relationship between 16-year-old Juno and her friend Paulie, Juno falls pregnant with Paulie’s child and her automatic response is to begin the abortion process. She eventually decides to keep the child however, opts for the adoption route and finds a perfect couple who she believes would be the great parents for her baby, click here for more. The film demonstrates the complications the 16-year-old faces through her pregnancy, alongside conflict with the adoptive couple, and the realisation that she does have feelings for Paulie. Juno’s charming and impulsive character proves her strength throughout the film, proving to be at points, an emotional watch for the viewer.  

What Happens in Vegas 

Former strangers, Jack and Joy, meet in the crazy world of Las Vegas, and whilst drowning their sorrows, the two somehow…end up married. After realising the morning after that they have made a huge mistake, Diaz and Kutcher who portray the couple, decide to follow through with a divorce. Events take a slight turn after Jack hits the jackpot with Joy’s quarter, as Joy registers that she is entitled to half of the winnings as, after all, they are a married couple? The plot thickens as the newlyweds are unable to divorce unless they attempt the marriage for six months. After attempting to sabotage each other at every given opportunity along the way, the Vegas winnings are no longer a priority as love wins in the end.  

Knocked Up  

Featuring comedy stars Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, we can guarantee that this rom-com is one of the best romantic comedies to this date, and is unquestionably one for the watching. After a wild night at a local nightclub, Alison, a reputable LA reporter realises eight weeks after meeting Ben in the club that she could potentially be pregnant with his child. As the pair reconcile in an attempt to make a potential romantic relationship occur, they begin to face complications after Alison acknowledges little effort on laid-back and financially unstable Ben’s behalf. After experiencing a rocky road along the way back to stability, the couple eventually expresses their love for one another and refocus efforts back onto their relationship for their child and themselves.