Slots Lingo for Punters

The business of slots is undoubtedly a serious one, measured by its booming popularity across the continents. Casinos offer slots in various languages for making them more meaningful and accessible for their players.

However, if you are new to the scene and wish to enjoy the fruits all slots have to offer, then here is a crash course in slots lingo that will help you a long way. All our punters, despite their level of experience, can benefit from this guide for making their next game night all the more rewarding.

A Quick Guide to Slots Lingo

  • Fruit Machine: A common name for a slot machine
  • Reels & Rows: The vertical and horizontal lines of symbols, respectively, present on the game screen that spin
  • Payline: Arrangement of reel positions in a slot linked with payouts
  • Pay Table: A list of payouts offered for possible symbol combos in a slot
  • 3-Reel Slot: A slot featuring three spinning reels
  • 5-Reel: A slot featuring five spinning reels
  • Cascading Reels: A new feature in online slots where winning combos are instantly replaced by more symbols, offering more possibilities of winning
  • Symbols: Icons specific to the game theme that give rewards when matched in specific combos
  • Stacked Symbols: Matching symbols appearing side by side in one reel
  • Spin: The movement of reels and rows triggered by pulling the slot lever or pushing the spin button
  • Autospin: A feature allowing punters to set a fixed number of spins being activated at a certain bet level
  • Re-spin: An occasional bonus spin awarded on the purchase of one spin
  • Bonus Feature: A special round in the same slot with higher payouts
  • Casino Bonus: A special welcome bonus offered by casinos to the new players as cash rewards or free spins
  • Coin Size: The coin denomination used in one bet; represented by symbolic coins in online slots
  • Cold Slots: Slots offering wins less often
  • Hot Slots: Slots offering wins quite often
  •  Loose Slots: Frequently paying out slots
  •  Wilds: Special symbols triggering bonus features and having substitution power
  • Scatters: Special symbols appearing anywhere on the lines and offering higher payouts
  • Free Spin: Bonus spins triggered by scatters
  • Multiplier: A special value added to the rewards earned; they accompany the wilds and scatters
  • Gamble Feature: A feature triggered after every winning spin, where punters can take the risk of winning or losing all
  • Line Bet: The amount of bet placed per payline
  • Max Bet: The maximum bet amount per spin
  • Min Bet: The minimum bet amount per spin
  • Total Bet: All bets placed during one spin
  • RTP (Return-to-player): A percentage linked to every slot for the amount coming back to the punters from the bets placed
  • Volatility or Variance: A term defining how frequent and how big the rewards are in a given slot
  • Jackpot: The biggest most possible reward you can expect to win in a slot

These brief definitions are the key to making your slotting moves more informed, leading to greater rewards. Just follow the lingo; that’s the biggest investment you can make in any slot.