Slot RTP or slot theme: which one do casino players go for while choosing slots?

Published on: 10/Sept/2022

Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of different slots in the world. But every week, the best providers release dozens of new ones. No wonder it is easy to get confused and lost in such a variety!

Experienced players do not want to spend their precious time researching all the existing slots. Therefore, they look at certain characteristics and draw conclusions. One of the most important indicators is RTP.

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What Is the RTP of a slot?

Return-to-Player, short RTP, is the percentage of the total bets in a slot, which a slot then returns to a player in the form of winnings. The RTP parameter is sometimes also called the payout to a player. It shows the percentage of winning bets in total bets. 

This indicator is publicly available. When starting to play at casino, a player can find out the RPT in advance by reading the rules of the slot. Almost all games from the best providers contain this information.

Imagine that the RTP of a slot machine is 96%. If a player makes many bets with the same €1 bet, they should presumably win €0.96 in each game; the remaining €0.04 will go to a casino.

Usually, the theoretical RTP is different from the actual one. After all, the chances of winning depend on numerous factors – the maximum probability of winning, the frequency of hits, the frequency of bonuses, volatility, and dispersion. 

So the RTP mentioned in the slot specifications is a theoretical indicator of how much a slot machine or casino will return to a player in the long run.

It is clear that gamers aiming to win will choose slots with the highest RPT. But there are players for whom the slot theme is much more critical.

Slot theme – how important it is

For sophisticated players, not only the fact of winning is important, but also the process of a game. Of course, during a game, gamblers pay attention to the design of a slot. The kind of music which accompanies a game is important for them as it creates the mood.

Undoubtedly, it’s cool to line up bright fruit while listening to cheerful music in the style of the 90s. But something serious and exciting should escort the search for treasures in ancient tombs. Music sets the tone for your journey into the bright new world of the selected slot.

Of course, design and high-quality drawings of details are important! It is nice to turn into a superhero and see everything around in bright colors. 

Find yourself on another planet or at the epicenter of the most fantastic events. And how nice it is to watch gorgeous and sexy girls in bikinis when you play a beach-themed slot.

Popular topics

There are dozens of topics for slots in the gambling industry. All of them can be roughly divided into the following categories:

●      classic slots

●      fantasy

●      travels

●      historical slots

●      cartoon slots

●      sports slots

●      money games

Of course, there are also unique games that can not be attributed to any of these categories! Best casino India always has a vast selection of slots. In the Rajbet online casino catalog, you can find games on dozens of different topics like movie slots, and your favorite ones will definitely be among them! If you see an attractive new product, feel free to test it in demo mode and then invest real money!

So what to choose?

Slot RTP or Slot Theme – which indicator is more important? Of course, there is no single answer to this question. After all, it is essential to understand why you visit an online casino. Fortunately, the choice of slots is as wide as possible in the modern world.