Slot Machines and Online Slots: How do they differ?

When you think of gambling, one of the first images that undoubtedly comes to mind is a slot machine. The sounds of pulled levers and jingling slots spread across acres of casino floors is an iconic image associated with the betting industry in countries all across the world. We’ve all dreamed of hitting the jackpot while rivers of coins cascade into our open hands, and jealous on-lookers watch as we win millions. 

Slots aren’t just confined to casinos however. They can be found in gas stations, non-casino hotels, bars, and even airports! Classic slot machines were a complicated series of pulleys, gears, latches, and notches that controlled the fate of the player; however, these days most slot machines are computerized. These advances in computerization have taken slot playing to yet another new beginning with online slots. Now, instead of having to go into a casino or a gas station in order to test your luck, you can hit the jackpot from anywhere in the world! 

Online slots have opened up an endless variety of game-play options. There is almost nothing for which you can’t find an online-slot related to it. A quick Google search of “online slot games” produces over 175 million hits! There is a slot game for almost everyone’s interests. These different slot games also have numerous different achievements and levels to unlock. This massive variety coupled with the instant availability of online slots is one of the biggest differences between land slots and online slots. There are many popular online slots websites like slot 633, JOKER123.

Playing online slots is as easy as pulling out your phone or tablet. They can also be found and played on computers. Now, instead of making a special trip to a casino, you can play slots while in the waiting room, on public transportation, or while on your lunch break. It’s no wonder why online slots have become increasingly popular when you factor in the COVID-19 pandemic with the ability to earn real money from your phone in your spare time. 

Online slots also remove the need for coins. This can be a bad and a good thing. Now, you simply load money into your account using your bank account or credit card. While this ups the convenience factor, it can also be a negative for players based on the fact that some people may be less aware of their spending when the money isn’t as tangible as a coin in an ever-disappearing bucket of coins. 

Another difference is a person’s ability to just play for fun. You can experience the highs of a stroke of luck without the agony of real-world defeat. Often, online slot machines don’t require you to risk any of your hard-earned money, but there are no “just for fun” land slots. This is another way that online slots are able to draw a crowd that may not be interested in actual gambling. It’s an opportunity to play and be rewarded with game-based achievements – even if you aren’t the gambling type. 

If you are one who enjoys gambling in general, online slot playing may also have some disadvantages over the genuine casino experience. One of the most obvious is the experience itself. As stated in the beginning, the sights, sounds, smells, and often free drinks of the casino is part of the desired atmosphere for those who enjoy gambling. Tapping your phone doesn’t have the same tactile pleasure as pulling a real lever. There won’t be any extra oxygen pumped into the air as you’re playing on your commute. But, according to some, the payouts can be larger for online slot games. So depending on the type of slot player you are and your motivation for playing, land slots and online slots offer a variation of pros and cons. 

Slot machines have been around for more than 100 years, and there seems to be no sign of them becoming obsolete. Their popularity has boomed with online slots now being more popular than land slots. While the ways slots are played will undoubtedly continue to change and shift with new technologies and generations to appeal to, the prospect of striking it rich, whether from a casino floor or while waiting on a root canal, will continue to pull new audiences to the slots.