Slot Games 101 – The Most Popular Types of Slot Games You Will Find in An Online Casino

While it is difficult to determine exactly how accurate these statistics are, it is estimated that over 1.75 billion people like to gamble either at online or land-based casinos. There was always a huge interest in casinos as a form of entertainment, but in recent years, players have started migrating towards online casinos for a variety of reasons. This prompted many nations to finally regulate their online gambling market and provide players with opportunities to play their favorite games online. 

Most online casinos offer amazing bonuses that players can take advantage of, which you won’t find in land-based casinos, but this is just one of the perks these platforms offer. Another great advantage is accessibility. Gamblers enjoy online casinos because they can play their favorite games whenever and wherever, without the need to go out of the house and actually be present in a real casino. Last but not least, people like online casinos because of the huge variety of games they provide. Not only can you play roulette and various types of poker or blackjack, but you also have an impressive library of slot games you can choose from. 

These games come with a variety of layouts, themes, rewards, and jackpots, so it comes as no surprise gamblers spend hours playing them online. The majority of these games are similar in the type of mechanics they use, but there some key differences that place each game in a different category. 

This is what we are here to discuss today, with this overview of the most popular types of slot games and why you need to understand their mechanics in order to take full advantage of what they have to offer. 

Classic slots

If you want to keep things simple, you can’t go wrong with classic slot games. These virtual slots are the ones that most accurately depict traditional slot machines you typically find in land-based casinos. Classic slots are suited for both beginner gamblers, to help them get used to the games, and experienced casino players that want to keep things simple. 

Most classic slots have three reels and one horizontal payline, but recent games can feature more to give players something new and entertaining. You can check this list of online free slots and browse those you like if you want to try them out before deciding what to play. 

Multi-payline slots

This type of slot games usually offers multiple paylines, and players will see more than three reels on the screen. This is why some consider them more appropriate for experienced players that know how to take advantage of these multiple paylines and reels. 

Multi-payline slots feature more symbols and possible combinations than classic slots. The number of paylines is usually above nine and can go as high as one hundred, and the combinations available are displayed in horizontal, vertical, V-shaped, diagonal, or zig-zag paylines. This is why you hear some players winning on more than one payline and taking home huge profits.  

Progressive Jackpot slots

These are some of the most popular slot games you will see in online casinos due to their huge jackpot that players can win. When you play progressive slots, a piece of the money you put into the game goes straight to the bonus, allowing it to reach huge amounts over time. When a lucky person wins the jackpot, it then goes back to a specified amount called seed, and the money starts to accumulate again for the next winner. 

Some jackpots are tied to a single slot machine at a single casino, but in other cases, the prize is shared among multiple online casinos that utilize the same software, allowing the jackpot prize to increase faster. The latter is the most attractive option, as it offers larger prizes.

Bonus Slots

Some slot machines have numerous bonuses or special features that players can use to increase their chances of winning. This is why they have become so popular with experienced casino gamers, and some even develop strategies to win

Most of these games have bonus rounds that are activated when the player gets a certain combination of symbols to appear on the reels. When the bonus round triggers, players are either given free spins or requested to execute a certain activity, depending on how the game’s bonus round was designed. They may be required to reach a number of points, select one of the special reward boxes that they see on the screen, or unlock a minigame that offers rewards. 

3D Slots

Because of their high-quality graphics, impressive sound effects, and a variety of great features, 3D slots have rapidly become a favorite of online gamblers. The main disadvantage of these slots is that they require a strong internet connection in order for the game to function effectively, precisely because all of their complex features need to run on more power.

These games are designed based on a variety of themes, with the majority of them being inspired by movies, games, or other pop-culture events, to add to the experience of gamers. Many 3D slots also feature a developed storyline to add a video game feel to them. They may include several tasks that the player must do in order to unlock new levels or a storyline that progresses as the player goes through the game – something quite unusual for more traditional slot games.

Tips to improve your odds

Now that you don’t have to ask yourself how do slots exactly work, you will have more time to focus on improving your skills. There are some tips experts recommend you follow:

  • Take advantage of all casino bonuses, big or small. They are, after all, free money or free chances to make money, so why wouldn’t you want that?
  • Choose slot games that you understand and feel could go well with your overall playing style. If you want to have access to a big prize, go for progressive jackpot slots, but if you are looking for small and steady wins, classic and multi-payline slots may be more your style. 
  • Try to play higher denomination games, as they provide a higher payback rate and offer you a bigger chance to win significant money.