Slingo Vs. Scratch Cards: What’s the Difference?

Online gambling has become very forthcoming today and some countries have adopted this entertaining activity as a part of their culture. Not only does the accessibility and handiness of having handheld devices accentuate its full potential but also the different games available to the players. Among the two remarkable games in the online gambling games library are slingo and scratch cards.  With SammyBingo’s list of popular slingo bingo online sites’, these two games usually take part in the daily enjoyment of the gamblers. As they are the favourite games mainly appreciated for their simple rules that can provide a memorable online gaming experience, here is the exclusive comparison of scratch cards and slingo. 


Slingo is a new variant of bingo combined with a slot and usually is themed based. This hybrid game is very easy to play and does not require difficult rules. Previously, slingo was only created on the free-play version but with its popularity, the gamblers can place bets on this game. Playing slingo is simple as you have to spin the reels below the grid and then, check the grid if it displays the chosen numbers appearing on the reels. Each player has the chance to spin the reels 20 times and 5 numbers appearing can be marked off when they are found on the card. Added to the slingo numbers, extra icons can also be displayed on the reels and some of them can trigger bonuses whereas others can reward instant winnings. These extra symbols include Free Spins, the Joker, Super Jokers, and Gold Coin.    

Scratch Cards 

Aside from bingo and slingo, the bingo websites have also started to add a massive range of games to lure as many players as possible. The inclusion of scratch cards enables the fans to enjoy their favourite games without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Online scratch cards have become common at bingo sites and evidently, unlike the original scratch cards, winning this game at the bingo website comes down to matching numbers on items. The game is, in fact, determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) making everything fair. What’s more, the large variety of interesting themes is also the key factor to make scratch cards appreciating by the gamblers. Actually, they will be emerged in another world depending on the themes of the games they have chosen. 

Which is more popular?

If we answer this question, we’ll probably have different opinions. Both slingo and scratch cards are popular games and have built a great reputation for offering the best gaming experience. These two games of pure chance are seductive not only for their simplicity but also for the unforgettable moment that they can provide. The slingo has raised its reputation mainly since the online bingo sites proliferation whereas the scratch cards’ popularity is continually evolving thanks to the various exciting themes designed with the games. Both slingo and scratch cards are the most attractive games in the bingo sites and in the sports betting websites that offer a selection of casino games.     


In the bingo casino, a large portfolio of games promises fun and excitement to the players. One of them is slingo that has invaded online gambling venues. Created in 1994, this game is the combination of 75-ball bingo and slot, meaning more opportunity to enjoy two great games at the same time. In this game, you will emerge in the mood of the game’s theme. As for the scratch cards, it first appeared in the 1970s and has gained a reputation not only in the UK but also across the world. As these games have been transported on the internet, they can be played at online gaming sites these days. In sum, both slingo and scratch cards are the preferred games of the players who savour the experience and excitement that the games of chance provide.