Should You Start Investing in Bitcoin This Year?

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Bitcoin has skyrocketed in popularity among all other cryptocurrencies due to its wider access to most trading sites. Unfortunately, investing in this online exchange is infamously known to be a volatile and risky decision to make. This is further defended by the fact that the current market has experienced a significant drop this year, causing concerns among finance experts and stock traders.

The concept of cryptocurrency is still considered relatively new in the market, affecting how well it performs. Values can change at any given time with wide ranges that can put investors at risk of losing a significant amount of their assets in mere minutes. But despite these factors, Bitcoin remains one of the most prominent forms of digital currency in the modern world, and for good reasons.

Benefits of investing in Bitcoin

There are many known advantages of investing in Bitcoin that make the risks worth your time, whether you’re a financial investor, stock trader, or just an ordinary citizen. Here are some of its most significant perks.

●        Ease of access

Setting up your account to get Bitcoin is among the most straightforward processes for an online wallet. More so, having this account can make online transactions more seamless and convenient. There is also no set age limit to legally buy Bitcoin, which makes it accessible to anyone who wants to start their investments at any given time.

●        Potential for high returns

Like any other cryptocurrency, investing can be risky, but it can also grant you potentially higher returns in the long run. There are several ways to profit from Bitcoin, including trading, lending, mining, and online Bitcoin faucet sites. However, these possible returns are also dependent on several factors, such as the current economic climate.

●        More businesses are opening up to Bitcoin payments

With the popularity of online transactions, more companies are now open to accepting Bitcoin used as payment. Despite its reputation for being a volatile investment, large companies such as PayPal consider digital currency a valid asset because it can protect users and businesses from payment fraud.

Using cryptocurrency also allows you to complete faster and more secure transactions both locally and globally in a matter of minutes.

Disadvantages of investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s reputation for being a risky investment comes from several factors that make the cryptocurrency unstable for most finance experts. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when deciding to invest in Bitcoin.

●        Uncertainties for long-term investments

Prices for Bitcoin can be extremely volatile due to the continuous rise and fall of their value at an alarming rate. Many cryptocurrency investors often dip their toes into the market short-term to avoid significant losses from decreasing trends.

●        Puts you at risk of online scams

Since Bitcoin is relatively just data on a computer, there is a possibility that you can lose this value if a virus corrupts your records. More so, hackers can also use this to their advantage to steal your assets in a matter of seconds through online scams and suspicious programs.

●        Security issues leading to possible breaches

Bitcoin is 100% digital, which means its security can be breached easily through other networks and open accounts. Relying on Bitcoin’s security alone is not enough, so your assets are not immune to theft, much like regular cash.

Invest wiselyInvesting in Bitcoin is an easy process to begin. But before you start investing in the crypto market, make sure that you only spend what you are willing to lose. The market is still considered relatively young, which opens the possibility of several consequences. Having a well-thought-out strategy can help you overcome possible issues and risks you may face with your investments.