Should you Follow Online Slot Sites on Social Media?

We all know that feeling, a new slot site pops up and you just think to yourself, are they doing this on purpose? Are they wanting me to take their money directly from them? Because we all know that new casino games means new deals and new ways for you to pocket the moolah – read now.

It is imperative, therefore, for you to stay in tune with when and where these new slot games are popping up, and one fool proof way of doing that is following social media slot sites for regular updates!

What are the Benefits of Following Social Media Slot Sites?

To be the biggest fish and outsmart the small fry, we both know that you need to be absolutely on top of when those new slots are dropping, which games are having a Brucey bonus season, and where the biggest deals are.

By following social media slot pages, you automatically become a part of the community of professional bettors, like yourself, and with little to no effort will be receiving all the best deals before any other low betting fool!

For simplicity, we have made a reference table to help you sift through the jargon and know the advantages and disadvantages of following social media slot sites:

Updates on new dealsYou can see the competition
Part of a communitySometimes unwanted posts
Support for small game developersA game selection that is too big
Being the most informed high rollerToo much information for the fry to manage
Engage in discourse around bettingEndless updates on new deals
Know where to put your money 
Introduced to new slots 
Stay on top of your game! 


We are here to help you get the best deals that you possibly can, and following social media pages on your favourite slot games helps you do that too – by looking at your bank I can tell that you do not need any help though!

How Easy is it to get Signed up to Social Media Slot Sites?

Following your desired online slot site on social media is easier than pulling that leaver!

  1. Sign into your chosen social media website by entering your email and password, or easily create an account on the log in screen – it’s no stress!
  2. Type into the search bar either the name of your favorite social media slot provider or search for slot games and browse an endless list of pages with deals just for you.
  3. Once you’ve selected a page that you think has a bank that you can crank open, select the like or follow button.
  4. And you are done! Easy as 1-2-3.

You are now signed up to your favorite casino sites like Major playground(메이저 놀이터) on social media which means that you will now be receiving information on the greatest deals for you to snatch, the bonuses that the big guy does not want you to know about, and inside knowledge that the small betting schmucks don’t know.