Should Online Gambling Be Legalized or Get Dumped?

Everyday, millions of people use the internet for various purposes — for business, pleasure, social networking, shopping and gaming. Indubitably, the web has been a helpful tool for the human race to fulfil our everyday needs.

Although some use it for its quick and easy access, others have used its wide-range of potential for illegal acts. One subject that is broadly popular today is online gambling. Many want Gambling to be regulated just like Betting.

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Anyways, back to main topic:

Few days ago, reports have circulated the web about the debate to legalize online poker in other states in the United States.

Lawmakers, big shot casino owners have argued, weighing-in on points of “a new revenue stream” as a pro. In the contrary, some argue that high-stakes online gaming may “detract from brick-and-mortar establishments while funding criminal activities,” according to the International Business Times.

As far as the history of the internet goes, we’re privy to the fact that the nature of online gambling is extremely jeopardizing to its gamers. But when billions of dollars in revenue are at stake, legal matters must be enforced.

Based on estimated statistics, the trend of online gaming is set to produce 200 million and 500 million dollars in revenue this year of 2014.

The two sides of the coin being argued here are economic and political — Progress vs. Safety. These two are both compelling in nature but we also must not forget the exceptional capabilities of the internet and the effect it could bring in one single click.

The idea of legalizing something that involves large amounts of money is no joke, let alone the boost of confidence it can bring to those who are already far more knowledgeable than the rest of us.

Former New York Governor George Pataki, addressed this downside in an interview with CNBC, he said —

“I don’t pick sides in fights with casino moguls at all. It’s not in my interest, but it is in my interest to prevent online gambling from exploding across this country.”

“Those casinos are well-regulated, and subject to tremendous law enforcement and other regulatory authorities. It’s completely different from just sitting around a college dorm at 1 in the morning and deciding to play online poker or gamble,” he added.

We are grateful to be living in a free world where contemporary views and advancements on the internet are being mulled over and dealt with seriously. However, boundaries and limitations of our free wills can have a huge impact in our everyday lives. Every great nation was built by a leader who knows how to value his people when faced with dubious opportunities.

The world wide web will always be a canvas for criminals to prey on innocent victims. Online gaming could be done anonymously, and that’s where the lines get blurry. Fraud, theft, bankruptcy, the list is endless. These are just some of the ramifications this issue can entail, but online gambling is safer and other reputable online gaming sites.

Those points should be the pivotal factors to consider for all law-makers as well as citizens who lobby for the legitimization of this recreational activity.