SHEWIN Wholesale Reviews: Totally Honest Opinions By Customer

SHEWIN Wholesale wins the hearts of customers from around the world all over again as wholesale clothing vendors and it is about time that you must try the store too, especially after reading these honest reviews by customers. 

For those of you who don’t know, SHEWIN Wholesale is an eCommerce store dedicated to offer trendy wholesale clothing for females. The platform is now being known as a one-stop-shop solution for all kinds of female clothing ranging from chic options to more comfy lounge wears. Hence, for a similar matter, it is that one place online that women from around the globe love the most these days and if in recent times you have caught your eyes on a dress that looked so unique and amazing, chances are that girl might have bought it from SHEWIN Wholesale. So, go now, see the products yourself and dress to impress! 


As it is pretty much obvious that with so many branded options and tough competition in the market, customers go for the best value for money more and what the company has to offer in the eyes of their own fellows, therefore, honest opinions by satisfied customers are mandatory. 

We went through almost all of the products for days (and trust us there were a lot of them) and found a few common key points which we believe matter to every potential customer. But we would like to enlighten you about them through the own words of customers.


“When I first opened the site after seeing it in Google ads a number of times, I was surprised and also a bit skeptical wondering that whether the dresses and sweaters shown on the website would match their real physical existence or not. Not to forget that I’m not very much a fan of online shopping but I took the risk (because the dresses advertised were too pretty to resist) 

Much to my surprise, they not only arrived on time (4 days after ordering) I was taken aback to see the quality! Literally, it felt like as if I have bought the items from a branded store.” – Emilia Clarke

SHEWIN Wholesale puts no compromise on quality and that is the reason why you will always find all the wholesale clothing suppliers on the platform offering products of the highest standards. In fact, it is one of the missions of the company to offer branded quality products at affordable rates. 

“When we were about to start with SHEWIN Wholesale, I had a very clear vision in my mind (which I’m glad that my team followed) and that was to compete with branded products in terms of quality and pricing. We wanted to make our customers believe again that in order to buy trending and good quality clothes, you don’t have to go to brands every time and that is exactly where SHEWIN Wholesale has managed to make the difference – so much to a level that most of our customers prefer to choose SHEWIN  Wholesaleover their favorite brands because of the value for money” CEO SHEWIN”.

The majority of the eCommerce stores also struggle when it comes to handling the lgistics and shipment, especially when dealing on an international level. But after going through the words of customers and our own experience, SHEWIN Wholesale seems to be one of the very few countries that have everything sorted out – all thanks to their strong affiliations with a few of the best courier companies around the globe. 

“I was also one of those customers who were taken aback by the trending designs that I got to see through the ads. And I too had my own reservations thinking that will the items reach me. But after my first-hand experience with the company, I can now fully assure you that it doesn’t matter what you order and from whatever seller, you are going to get your goods in the best shape and right under 5-14 business days depending upon your location. 

Mine arrived in 7 days and as I ordered a sweater to wear it before my sister’s wedding, this is also a thank you note to SHEWIN Wholesale” – Susan

Apart from being the best in delivery times, the safety of the shipment, seamless order process, and in terms of styles too, SHEWIN  Wholesale has also taken the trendy wholesale clothing thing to another level by satisfying boutique owners around the world as well. 


“ I was really stuck and thought that my business won’t be able to survive until I kept on purchasing from the local suppliers. There was limited stock and I was running out of styles too until that exact moment when I saw SHEWIN Wholesale ‘s ad. 

Now ordering a bulk quantity especially to save your boutique’s business does seem odd but trust me it was not. I picked up some pieces of their catalogue and decided to order through their easy online portal. What really impressed me the most was that not only the whole shipment arrived on time but the quality of goods was so good that their products genuinely started to create a major difference in my business.

And yes not to forget, they prioritize customer service, unlike any other supplier I have ever worked with. Their suppliers are always ready to serve you the best and can even handle critical matters on your behalf.” 

As SHEWIN Wholesale covers all the basics right, one often thinks is there anything that they do wrong? Well, we have an answer to that which is that it is unfair of the company to list new products on their website every day. After all it is hard to resist such cute clothes and we don’t have a budget as well all the time. 

If in case, you haven’t tried out SHEWIN then we would strongly recommend you to go and check their new winter collection. We are already in awe of some of the knitwears and you would be too! Hence, if you want to look the best this winter, choose SHEWIN Wholesale ad you will definitely thank us later!