Sativa Seeds

Sativa seeds represent one of the two main varieties of cannabis available today. Cultivars that fall under this category produce buds that affect your mind, sending you on a euphoric trip.

There are hundreds of sativa seeds for sale, each offering unique effects, smells, and tastes. At the same time, all of these plants display indistinguishable characteristics and require similar conditions to grow.

Join us as we take a closer look at what sativa seeds are and where they come from. You’ll also learn the best ways for you to raise these fatigue-busting buds at home.

What Are Sativa Seeds

Pure sativa seeds originate from tropical countries close to the equator with hot, humid climates. To survive these conditions, the plants can grow over six feet tall with minimal foliage.

The flowers produced by these lanky cannabis crops are known to trigger an increase in energy and concentration. You end up feeling like a million bucks, even if you just woke up, and quickly slip into a motivated mindset.

Fans of sativa seeds also claim this type of cannabis holds therapeutic benefits to help with fatigue and stress. To learn more about these incredible marijuana seeds and see a comprehensive list of strains in this category, visit the website of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Indica Vs. Sativa Seeds

There are a few differences between indica and sativa seeds.

For starters, cannabis strains in the sativa category tend to affect your mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and focused. In comparison, indica buds target your physical senses, calming you down and removing pain.

Another way to differentiate the two is by their growth characteristics. Feminized sativa seeds produce tall plants with long, thin-fingered leaves. Indica crops are short and expand out laterally, with thick foliage covering every branch.

Sativa seeds prefer growing in wet, warmer climates similar to the conditions found in the tropics. Indica crops can survive colder temperatures but thrive in warmer areas. They also require low humidity levels to stop the development of mold.

Sativa Seeds Benefits

There are a few benefits to growing sativa seeds at home compared to the indica variety. One of these advantages is your plant’s ability to resist moisture-related issues like mold and mildew.

You can also use a hydroponics system to raise your sativa marijuana seeds. The increased humidity around your crops won’t pose a problem, allowing you to feed your plants the perfect amount of nutrients.

Medical patients can also benefit from sativa seeds as the buds they produce can help in various therapeutic ways. Anyone looking to reduce pain during the day without feeling tired will find that these flowers hit the spot.

How To Germinate Cannabis Sativa Seeds

The first step to fatigue-busting buds involves correctly germinating your sativa seeds. There are a few ways to accomplish this task at home, with each technique offering different levels of safety and efficiency.

Many beginners opt for the simplest germinating method, where they place marijuana seeds directly into the ground. This technique is by far the most straightforward way to sprout your cannabis sativa seeds as it follows their natural process.

The only drawback to this procedure is the time it takes before any signs of growth appear. You generally need to wait up to ten days before transplanting your marijuana seeds into pots.

Cannabis cultivators interested in faster results can use the tumbler method to germinate their sativa seeds. It involves placing your marijuana seeds in a glass of water and leaving them in a dark cupboard for 24 hours.

Although this technique is quicker, it opens the door to potential problems for your cannabis seeds without the proper experience. Newbies risk exposing their feminized sativa seeds to temperature shock, which tends to create weak crops.

A good way around these issues is to use the paper towel method to germinate your marijuana seeds. This straightforward technique produces results in just five days and keeps your sativa seeds safe from harm.

All you need to perform this simple process are the following items you can find around the house:

  • A roll of paper towel
  • A dinner plate
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A bottle of purified water

Once you’ve got the above tools, grab your cannabis sativa seeds and follow these instructions:

  1. Tear off two paper towel sheets and pour water over both of them until completely wet.
  1. Gently compress both pieces to remove any excess liquid but leave enough so that they remain moist.
  1. Lay one wet sheet flat on your non-paper dinner plate.
  1. Use tweezers to pick up your sativa seeds and place them on the moist paper towel. Don’t use your hands, as it can hamper the process.
  1. Space out your marijuana seeds, cover them with the second sheet, and put the plate into a dark cupboard.
  1. Check on your cannabis sativa seeds twice a day to ensure they don’t dry out.
  1. After five days, your marijuana seeds will develop taproots, at which point you can transplant them into pots.

How To Grow Cannabis Sativa Seeds

Cultivating sativa seeds is a riveting experience you’ll never forget. The difficulty of raising these marijuana seeds depends heavily on their type. Feminized versions are perfect for beginners, while the autoflowering variety is better suited to experienced growers.

You can plant sativa marijuana seeds indoors or outside. The latter option tends to produce larger yields, but you’re limited to growing in the warmer months. Indoor tents allow you to grow throughout the year, making up for the lighter harvests.

As sativa seeds originate from hot and humid areas, you’ll find tropical climates suit them best. You’ll ideally want temperatures to stay within the range of 70–78 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also advisable to maintain a relative humidity of 50% for optimal conditions.

It’s a good idea to use balanced fertilizers with your feminized sativa seeds during the vegging phase. Then once your crops start to flower, swap over to using nutrients that have no nitrogen.

In comparison, autoflower sativa seeds require no fertilizer due to their rapid growth rate. If your plants display signs of a deficiency, you can supplement their nutrient intake. Don’t overdo it, as too many minerals can lead to further issues.

You can use either soil or a hydroponics setup as a growing medium for your sativa seeds. If you decide to go with the former, remember to mix coco coir with your substrate to increase aeration and water drainage.

Hydroponics is a fabulous way of controlling the percentage of nutrients absorbed by your plants. As a result, your crops can grow quicker, allowing you to harvest sooner. It also raises the humidity level around your plants which isn’t an issue with sativa marijuana seeds.

Indoor cultivators need to top or train their crops to maintain a manageable size. It’s a good idea to regularly prune the older leaves on your plants as this sends nutrients to newer sections.

When it comes to maximizing your potential yields, the Screen of Green method works well alongside sativa seeds. It limits the size of your plants by encouraging lateral growth. More budding sites are exposed to light as a consequence, leading to bigger harvests.

If you choose sativa strain seeds that produce short plants, you can use the Sea of Green technique. This method works best when you raise multiple crops at the same time. It allows you to maximize the space in your grow tent and boosts yields.

8 Best Sativa Seeds

There are loads of incredible sativa seeds for sale, each offering a signature blend of flavors and effects. To help you on your journey, we’ve listed some of the best cultivars under these four categories.

Autoflower Sativa Seeds

If you want your cannabis in a hurry, the autoflower variety is for you. Here are two of the best sativa strain seeds that can grow in the absence of light.

Grapefruit autoflower seeds

The Grapefruit autoflower strain takes you on a stimulating trip that keeps you calm and composed. These buds taste like sweet and sour grapes and contain 16–18% THC. Plants start flowering within seven weeks and produce medium-sized yields.

NYC Diesel autoflower seeds

These aptly named sativa seeds produce energizing buds that smell and taste like fruit mixed with a fuel-like flavor. Don’t let the 12–14% THC fool you; this strain triggers a mighty head high that keeps you going for hours. 

Feminized Sativa Seeds

Are you searching for sativa seeds as a first-time cannabis cultivator? Check out these two incredible options.

Green Crack feminized seeds

When a cannabis strain gets named by Snoop Dogg, you know it’s something special. Green Crack doesn’t disappoint, using its 17–25% THC to revitalize your mind and induce undisturbed focus. These crops only take 7–9 weeks to flower and produce very heavy yields.

Trainwreck feminized seeds

While the name suggests chaos, the effects of these 15–20% THC buds elevate your mental clarity and creativity. You’re left with a taste of sweet citrus and earth in your mouth as you face your day with confidence.

It’s best to plant these sativa strain seeds outdoors as this environment tends to produce much larger yields. 

Pure Sativa Seeds

Cannabis connoisseurs looking to experience the joys of pure sativa seeds can start by attempting to tame these landrace strains.

Panama feminized seeds

Enjoy the extraordinary mixture of lemon and spice as these 11–15% THC buds elevate your mood and energy levels. This landrace strain contains 100% sativa genetics and promises medium to heavy yields after flowering for nine to twelve weeks.

Durban Poison feminized seeds

Durban Poison is by far one of the most iconic sativa seeds to have ever graced the marijuana market. These 13–16% THC buds originate from South Africa and fill you with unbridled vitality. Raise these crops outdoors for some truly heavy harvests.

Dominant Hybrids Sativa Seeds

Most of the sativa seeds for sale contain a blend of indica genetics. These hybrids have become increasingly popular over the years, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.

Orange Skunk feminized seeds

One hit of these 14–16% THC buds is enough to send you on a euphoric trip that drops you off in a pool of tranquility. You can grow these sativa strain seeds indoor or outdoors and look forward to fantastic yields after flowering for eight to ten weeks.

Blue Dream feminized seeds

Strap in for the ride of your life with Blue Dream and its 16–20% THC fueled nugs. This sativa-dominant hybrid boosts focus and sparks a passion for life. They then leave you on a comfortable cloud, where you can destress and put your feet up.

Where To Buy Sativa Seeds

Due to the popularity of sativa seeds among recreational and medicinal growers, finding some for sale isn’t tricky at all. Your first order of business is to ensure buying marijuana seeds isn’t illegal in your state.

Local cannabis shops are a brilliant way to get your hands on some sativa seeds for sale. You can pick from a handful of options and discuss potential cultivating techniques with like-minded people in the store.

The biggest downside to these brick-and-mortar establishments is the limited stock you have access to. There’s also a chance you buy poor-quality sativa seeds and get unhelpful advice causing even further disappointment.

One way of ensuring you buy premium cannabis seeds is by visiting a medical marijuana dispensary. But before you get your hands on any of these products, you’ll need a doctor’s recommendation letter.

Thankfully, with all the conveniences of the modern world, you can find sativa seeds for sale online. The best seed bank on the internet, Homegrown Cannabis Co, offers top-shelf marijuana at competitive prices.

You’ll discover a treasure trove of different sativa strain seeds in various versions like autoflowering and feminized options. Once you’ve found a cultivar that piques your interest, you can purchase it using several convenient payment methods.

Want to keep your plans to cultivate sativa seeds low-key? Ask for discreet delivery to ensure your nosey neighbors remain oblivious. Plus, you’ll have access to loads of free educational content supported by recognized cannabis experts.

The Key To An Energized Lifestyle

If you want to grow cannabis that lifts your spirits and fans the flames of productivity, you need to buy sativa seeds. There are tons of different marijuana strains under this category, each one bringing something unique to the table.

We recommend choosing a feminized cultivar to learn the ins and outs of growing marijuana if you’re just starting out. Experienced cultivators interested in a challenge can try to raise autoflower sativa seeds.

Why not visit an online cannabis store and browse through the hundreds of options available. Once you’ve spotted a strain that excites you, order your sativa seeds and start cultivating some potent buds.