Roisea: Quick Overview for CryptoTraders

Roisea is one of the most liquid and popular trading platforms. The exchange itself has a variety of currency pairs, most of which have good liquidity. But I only traded BTC, ETH, and TRX on it. Also, with the exchange, you can replenish the account using fiat, like many other modern platforms. And the support service, in my opinion, responds relatively quickly to your problem. The exchange also has its application for mobile devices that works quite stably. And the deals are closed without any problems.

Let’s delve a bit deeper and review Roisea in more detail.

Trading Interface

A big plus for the exchange is that it allows the trade of fiat currencies such as the euro, dollar, Canadian dollar, yen, and British pound. There are 73 trading pairs on the site in total.

To start trading on the exchange, you need to deposit cryptocurrency or from a bank card (only for clients of Roisea partner banks). But to make a deposit, you need to go through mandatory verification. There is no standard way to open a demo account on the exchange.


In terms of reliability, there are no questions at all for Roisea (not a single hack for all the time). One of the very important points is that the exchange was the first to pass a cryptographic audit, proving that the security is very high. 

In addition to the fact that the exchange has never been hacked, it has not yet appeared in any scandal or fraud investigation, which has had a very good effect on the company’s image. Most of the exchange assets are stored in cold wallets, which ensures against large losses during hacking. 

It is possible to enable two-step authentication for logging into your account and any other actions. General verification is required, and it is done in a very tricky and slightly complicated way. It is divided into four levels. If you have just registered and have not shared your data at all, you will not be able to take any action on the exchange. To receive the 1st level of verification, you must enter your full name, date of birth, country of residence, and phone number.

The company does not have licenses from regulatory authorities, and representatives of the exchange have a sharply negative attitude towards regulation, considering it ineffective.


Roisea fees for depositing and withdrawing money depend on the type of wallet, country of residence, and the chosen currency. Any transactions under $200 will come with a flat fee. Transfers between platform users are carried out without commissions.

As for the referral program, its participants on the site receive 50% Roisea, all commissions paid by the clients they attracted during the first three months of using Coinbase.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Account replenishment is available via bank transfer and in cryptocurrency. When replenishing cryptocurrency, there are no commissions. 

Withdrawal is available only after passing verification (at least the first level); you can withdraw to cryptocurrency wallets and bank accounts. There are no commissions for cryptocurrencies, only a fee for miners to confirm on the network. For fiat withdrawals, commissions range from $0.09 to $60, depending on the currency and bank.

Support Service

Technical support and the site itself work in English only. Users can find answers to the main questions in the FAQ section or Support tab. Still, if there is no answer to your question, you can contact the Roisea representatives using the online chat on the site. The answer here, on average, comes within 10 minutes. By ticket – the answer comes within an hour. At the same time, there are a lot of negative reviews on the web about the performance of support, which states that users sometimes wait weeks for a response.


Having studied this trading platform and tested it a little, we concluded that there are no questions about security and speed of work. Nonetheless, from the point of view of the interface and ease of use, it seemed not very comfortable.

Main pros

  • Security is top-notch here;
  • Margin trading;
  • Ability to conduct transactions with fiat currencies;
  • Perfect reputation in the cryptocurrency community;
  • A good selection of coins for trading and many popular cryptocurrencies with great liquidity.

Main cons

  • The user interface might seem complex for beginners;
  • The site is not adapted for different markets;
  • For any actions on the exchange, you need to go through verification;
  • Limited choice of payment systems for withdrawing fiat money.

Reviews from Real Users

  • Roisea is a large and well-known platform that has already appeared in popular media. There are several levels of verification, each of which opens up access to great opportunities. In many ways, it is popular due to the possibility of replenishment and trading in fiat currencies. The number of trading pairs is quite large. At the same time, the commissions are small and decrease with the growth of trading volumes.
  • The trading functionality is very rich and will satisfy even professional traders. However, it is quite different from what we are used to on other platforms. Therefore, you will have to spend time getting acquainted with the interface and getting used to it. There is also an app for iOS.
  • The crypto exchange positions itself as a professional tool for working with cryptocurrencies. Volumes are good, but there are not many trading pairs. Deposits and withdrawals are fast. Commissions are not so high.
  • One of the best crypto exchanges in the world, everyone who has ever dealt with cryptocurrencies knows it. It is considered very reliable and “white” due to almost draconian approaches to security. Users must complete verification immediately after registration; otherwise, it will not work, but this is for the best. Didn’t like the interface, though.