Rod Jao Loves to Help Others – Here’s Why

Rod Jao, Allysian Sciences CEO, always finds time to contribute to those in need.

Rod Jao is well known for his CEO title at Allysian Sciences Inc. He has put a lot of work into this successful life coaching company that focuses on brain performance, weight control, beauty, and body nourishment. Jao follows a strict schedule that has played a considerable role in making the company a success.

While Rod Jao has been able to find a lot of success running a 5-star company, he believes the best part of all his efforts is the ability to give back. After speaking with Rod Jao, he went into great detail about his philanthropic efforts and why he loves to help others.

Rod Jao has always put helping others at the top of his to-do list. His appreciation of being able to help people in need goes back to his childhood. Jao grew up in the Philippines, where a lot of families were struggling to get by. While he grew up in a comfortable household and never went without, he witnessed far too many families that didn’t have that luxury.

Many families that Jao knew from his hometown could not afford essential items, like the ingredients to make a night’s dinner or medicine when they became sick. One of Jao’s main goals when he co-founded Allysian Sciences Inc was to earn enough to make many donations to causes helping struggling families.

He is no stranger to contributing to a worthy cause, whether it’s a person in need or an organization lacking funds. To Rod Jao, success isn’t buying the fanciest car or the latest gadget. It’s being able to help a neighbor who can’t afford groceries for the week or contributing to a medical center that needs to upgrade the equipment.

Rod Jao isn’t one of those CEOs people fear when he walks into the room. Instead, people are happy when they are graced with his presence. Jao has always strived to make people’s days better. He is the type of person who will greet everyone with a warm welcome and is never quick to judge someone without knowing them.

He continues to fill his agenda with work each day so he can make contributions to those in need. Being able to give back is what keeps Rod Jao going.