Red Dead Online Bonus Rewards

Who doesn’t know this cowboy-style game? Red Dead Online has become like GTA Online, which many gamers love. This action genre game that carries the Wild West cowboy has good gameplay with an okay storyline. Previously, Rockstar Games, this time, will give some exciting bonuses to make this game even more fun than before.

Rockstar Games notified players in a Twitter post that their team is doing their best to keep the gaming experiences up to date. And from here, they also plan to provide events in GTA Online and Red Dead Online to keep it lively.

Red Dead Online Bonus Rewards on May

To keep an online game going for so long, developers should create a new purpose for the players to explore and complete. Offering a limited time event is also proven successful to bring the old players back.

Changes in perks, skills, and experience may keep the players in check while making sure the game will stay relevant and alive for quite some time.

As you may know already, Red Dead Online already launched the monthly bonus everyone can enjoy. Grab this opportunity to get the discounts for buying clothes, equipment, or stronger weapons. Reap the rewards by participating in the running event.s

The May bonuses heavily focus on the racing aspect. Racers on will receive multiple rewards according to the races they are participated in. 

Fees for the stables are discounted for the whole month. Additionally, there’s a 50% discount for new cage slots. Racing fees also been reduced by 30%, quite nice, isn’t it?

For those of you who are not the fans of racing, you can participate in the Blood Money contract. Enjoy the free roam missions, and obtain the colorful rewards along the way.

Players who have been prepared to buy some things, this is the perfect time to do so because there are so many discounts they can enjoy, Let’s count them up.

For the emotes and weapons, there’s 30% discount. Pants and skirts discounted by 40%, and lasso, the special Bounty Hunter Reinforced Lasso is priced a half amount.

This game that’s available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC also offers free outfits for the players.

To be able to play Red Dead Online smoothly, we highly recommend using a VPN service. Not only any services but the trustable services. It’s best to get the top Windows VPN for online gaming so you can ride free without the worry of getting lags or other potential internet problems. Enjoy the full gaming experience in the easiest way possible.

About the Red Dead Online game

One month after the game Red Dead Redemption 2 was released, now Rockstar has released the game’s online mode, which players can play in Beta form.

Titled Red Dead online, this game brings a lot of unique features and small details that some players might not even notice.

Red Dead Online has a lot of features available to players, but the most interesting is the exploration of the vast world, where players can team up with other players to carry out missions or get in the way of other players’ missions.

The first thing to do in Red Dead Online is to create a unique character for you to use. After that, there will be some brief introduction missions that will help explain the mechanics of the game mode, so be sure to pay close attention. Then it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your camp and find a group of players to join.

If you want to play alone, some missions will temporarily combine you with other players (max 3). However, the most efficient way is to form your own group with a maximum of 7 other players.

Creating this group has to pay and can later give their own name and emblem for their group. When the group leader logs in, the group is instantly formed. Group members can choose the same outfit and create a campsite for the base.

The Available Modes

The game also has a Series mode, which pits players against each other in various competitive challenges. The following is a list of the Series modes:

  • Shootout/Team Shootout: A team deathmatch mode. Whoever kills the most when time runs out wins.
  • Make It Count: This is the battle royale version of the game Red Dead Online. Players will attack each other using only bows and arrows or throwing knives.
  • Most Wanted: A mode where every kill will affect the player’s score list. The player who is at the top will earn more points than those who beat him.
  • Hostile Territory: Basically similar to hardpoint mode, where the goal is to capture different areas of the team and guard them. Whichever team has the most points will win in the end.
  • Name your Weapon: Free or team-based mode, where the more unique weapons you use to defeat other players, the more points you get.