Reasons Why You Should Look For Custom Dog Harness

Which is better, a dog collar or a dog harness?

Whether you are looking for a dog collar or a dog harness, it is crucial to know the purpose of each before making any purchases. There are different types of collar and harnesses available in the market. The type of collar or harness to be used will differ according to the breed of your dog and the situation. So, it is better to look for a custom dog harness or collar for your dog for a better experience. The age of your dog is very crucial when looking for a collar or harness. 

If you look at any dog collars, you will see that they are the most easily available products for dogs. Collars are mainly used for carrying name tags/IDs, and rabies tags of your dog around its neck. Collars are available in different forms, like flat collars, rolled collars, martingale collars, etc… 

Flat collars are for those dogs who know to walk without any pull from the leash. Martingale collars are best suited for dogs who have the same neck and head size. If flat collars are for such dogs, they will slip out through their heads. Rolled collars are for hanging the ID on the neck of the dog. 

The collar must always be selected depending on your dog’s size. With a collar, you can get better control over your dog while going for a walk. If you have a puppy, it is recommended to use a 4-foot leash with a flat collar to encourage it to walk near you. 

Always look for a long-lasting material while purchasing a collar. Also, ensure that the material is comfortable for your dog. Make sure the collar is easy to put on and take off from your dog. There is a wide range of materials, styles, and designs available for the collar of dogs. 

Customers can choose from them according to their wishes. Make sure that the fit is not too tight for your dog. Or else, it will be painful for them. If your dog (the breed) is small, ensure you can fit one finger between the collar and your dog. 

If it is a large dog, you must be able to fit two fingers in between the collar and your dog. Never go for corrective collars. It can cause neck pain or other discomforts for your dog. When you compare a dog collar with a harness, the harness offers more comfort to the dogs. 

You can get a custom dog harness or collar, or both for your dog. It depends on your circumstances. One of the advantages of using a harness for your dog is that it will stay in position and will not slip out. The harness is the best option for puppies who are not trained for walking on a leash. Usage of a custom dog harness ensures that your dog will have a perfect fit without making any injuries. Small dogs or puppies who haven’t learned to walk on a leash will tend to pull the leash or tug at it. It can cause them injuries. But with a harness, this can be prevented.  

Proper care must be given while putting on and taking off the harness from the dog. Try not to put them during summertime. Hot weather can cause skin irritation in dogs. When looking for a harness, a perfect fit is important because if it is too big, the dog will wiggle out or can easily escape from it. 

The harness is for dogs that have tracheal collapse. Even though you require more strength while walking your dog with a harness, the dog will be having less back pain while walking on the harness when compared to collars. 

Why harness?

Most dogs put on a collar for identification purposes. Many factors determine whether a collar or a harness is better for your dog while training or walking them. Some of these factors include your experience with dogs, the personality and breed type of your dog, environmental conditions, etc…

 For small dogs who have had issues with their voice box or the breed type prone to such issues including respiratory problems, it is better to go for the harness. For dogs that tend to pull excessively while going for a walk on the leash, there are chances of getting choked. 

For such dogs, it is better to use harnesses while walking them. It enables them to take off pressure from their neck while trying to make a pull. There are fewer chances of getting choked while walking them on a loose leash if a harness is used.

 Also, if you are running with your dog or giving out more freedom for your dog after a long time, it is better to use a harness. It will help them not to get their neck hurt if they reach the tip of the leash while moving at a high speed. Because of the harness, even if sudden momentum is created near the neck, it will not cause any choking sensation to your dog.

If you are looking for a way to hook up your dog to the leash in the most secure, comfortable, and safest way, go for the harness. It is the simplest and best option that is available in the market. If you are using a good harness for your dog, the pulling will be very less. 

Also, you will be able to have good control over your dog. With the usage of harnesses, there will be very less stress near the neck and joints of the dog. One of the major benefits of using a harness is that it will not get too tangled with the leash. 

With a harness, you can easily prevent your dog from jumping too high. With a harness, the centre of gravity of the dog is closely secured. That is the reason why the harness will not get tangled with the leash too much. Make sure you go for a perfect fit when purchasing a harness. If the fit is not accurate, it can cause more injuries to your dog than a collar will do to your dog. As the risk of tangling is less with harnesses, you can use them while biking with your dog.