PPPoker tournaments: types and winning strategies

Players interested in participating in online poker tournaments have a wide variety of them to choose from. Mainly, there are two types of tournaments that are the rage in online poker: Spin & Go tournaments and multi-table tournaments.

Spin & Go tournaments are fast-paced, dynamic tournaments with powerful multipliers that increase the prize pool. These tournaments involve 3 players, and only one of them can be the winner.

In multi-table tournaments, on the other hand, players can play several games at the same time and can enter as many tables as they want. To access these tables, you only need to pay the requested buy-in and get the chips with which the game will be played.

Types of PPPoker tournaments: Spin & Go and MTT, in the lead

Spin & Go tournaments are among the most popular among poker fans. Those who prefer a faster pace and are attracted by the general incentive of multipliers find Spin & Go tournaments the best games.

Spins are the kings of online poker and are among the most played games on PPPoker. And the potential of these games is enormous because, imagining that you get a multiplier of x100, with a buy-in of just one euro, the prize for the winner would reach 100 euros.

The fact that large sums of money can be won with very low buy-ins means that more and more players are looking for a place in Spin & Go tournaments. In addition, they feature a wide range of formats and varieties, including No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit O’Maha and so on. They have different structures and the blinds increase more or less depending on the game.

PPPoker has also launched a new Spin & Go tournament format called SpinsUp. “The SpinsUp are of two kinds: PPST SpinUp tournaments, a type of tournament where all the clubs in the union share tables, and the SpinUp, which take place on private tables to allow players to play in an environment without interruptions or access from third parties, while maintaining the privacy of the club,” explains the team at EasyPPPoker, the leading online poker platform in growth thanks to the consolidation of PPPoker as one of the best poker rooms in the world.

Moreover, in EasyPPPoker clubs, players can find up to 16 blind levels, which will gradually increase between two and five minutes, and will be able to access games with different stakes.

“The Spin & Go tournaments feature six different multipliers, each of which has a different probability of appearing, making the game more exciting and allowing players to see the prize pool they are eligible for suddenly increase,” explains EasyPPPoker.

As for MTT tournaments, for many players it is the best option because it allows them to enjoy various types of tournaments at different tables, each of which has its own rules. “Freerolls are the best option for those who want to get their entry into bigger tournaments, but they can also have access to turbo tournaments or Sit & Go’s, allowing players to compete at different levels and be eligible for different prizes in different games,” they explain.

What is the best strategy for playing Spin & Go tournaments?

While it is true that the pace of Spin & Go tournaments is precisely that to encourage players to get carried away, it is also true that it is a highly strategic game that can allow players to test their speed of reasoning. 

“There is a consensus that the best strategy for winning in a Spin & Go tournament is to set a profit target,” EasyPPPoker explains. “A lot of amateur players find spins difficult to master because they don’t precisely set a profit limit, which would undoubtedly allow them to limit the amount of bets and winnings,” they add.

However, they leave the door open to new strategies, given the speed of information processing with which many players have been proving their worth in this type of competition.

What is clear is that, on the other hand, whatever the strategy of each player, he or she must remain completely focused during the game, as the speed that a competition of this style can reach can mean that any slightest hint of lack of concentration can take its toll.

“To stay focused, it is essential to schedule your playing sessions, study heads-up play and don’t fold on the button, which can ruin everything you’ve done,” they point out.

Multi-table tournaments: strategies for playing MTTs

Multi-table tournaments have the attraction of offering huge jackpots that can be won by any of the players present. The first thing to know, according to the experts at EasyPPPoker, is that the more players at the table, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot.

“There have been more than a thousand players at large multi-table events, which gives you an idea of the caliber of the games at high-level MTT competitions,” they explain.

In the first phase of the tournament, players usually have a very balanced stack of chips. In this first part of the game, it is best to go for a strategy that allows you to adopt a tight profile, selecting very well each of the hands on which you are going to bet.

In the second phase, the blinds go up, the stacks become uneven and the differences between players become more evident. “Depending on the player’s stack, he will have to adopt one strategy or another: a tight game will be better if the stack is limited, but if the stack is not a problem, it is best to adopt a more aggressive style,” they point out.In the last phase of the tournament, it is best to be radical and go all-in or fold. “Players who try to survive this stage with low stacks have a hard time, because those who do have a good number of chips will harass the rest of the players until they are forced to fold or eliminate,” they say.