Best Washing Machine in India [Reviews 2020]

Washing clothes with hands is a really difficult task. And these days everyone has washing machines in their house.

And if you are planning to buy one but confused with which one to choose.

Then, you are in the right place. We have reviewed the best washing machines available in the Indian market today. And it will help you to choose the best one without any hassle.

So, without wasting any time.

Let’s get started:

Bosch WAB16060IN
Bosch WAB16060IN is a high performance front load washing machine with some new features like Express wash, Active Water technology, Anti-vibration design, Vario Drum, and German engineering. With it’s energy efficiency its the best you can buy.
  • Energy efficient washing machine
  • 8 kg capacity
  • 1200 RPM Spin Speed
  • 10 Years Warranty: Motor

1 Bosch WAB16060IN

Bosch is one of the top brands in the washing machine industry. And this model from them proves the thing why they are boss.

This machine has has big drum which provides good space for cloths for better movement.

One main thing which Bosch claims that it’s a Silence machine means it doesn’t give any sound while washing. So, we put that to test. And we find Little sound even when the drum is rotating at 1200 RPM. All thanks to it’s brushless motor which reduces friction and helps to reduce sound to minimal level.

Besides sound it has an anti-vibration design. While testing find their claim true as it has minimal vibration as compared to washing machines.

Talking of its features it has a big Touch screen panel which is waterproof. While washing our hands get wet. So, we test it with wet hands and it works like a charm.

  • ​Latest German Technology
  • ​Energy Efficient
  • ​Long 10 Years warranty on Motor.
  • ​Installing the machine takes time.


Bosch WAB16060IN is a high-performance front load washing machine with some new features like Express wash, Active Water technology, Anti-vibration design, Vario Drum, and German engineering. With its energy efficiency it the best you can buy.


Like the above Bosch machine this LG’s washing machine also has waterproof touch panels. This means you can use it with your wet hands also. So, you don’t need to dry your hands whenever you want to change mode or want to do other things.

While in our testing we found when you have too much wet hands the touch panel don’t work quite well. We tested 20 Times and it worked perfectly 17 times with wet hands. So, this feature is really good to have instead of buttons.

It has a large drum capacity which gives plenty of space (8 Kg) for your cloths and gives them a good wash.

But the main highlight of this washing machine is its Inverter Direct Drive. The motor of this machine is directly attached to the drum and hence no belt or pulley is used. This helps in reducing not only vibration but noise also. And you will be fascinated when you use this washing machine as you will encounter no to little noise.

Another feature you are going to like is its auto-restart feature. In that feature whenever there’s a power cut the machine starts from the same point it stopped. And this saves you a lot of time and energy.

  • ​6 Motion Control Technology
  • ​Energy Efficient
  • ​Smart Diagnosis
  • ​We find no cons

3 LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

After doing all the testing we have found that this LG’s Washing machine is currently the best one.

It is a Fully-automatic top load washing machine. Which means it loads clothes from top.

It is really affordable and gives you great washing quality. And its quite easy to use too!

It has a capacity of 6.2 KG which makes it best for bachelors & couples. And the build quality of this washing machine is really good. And the best thing about this washing machine is that it makes very less noise as compared to other models.

And with its 10 years warranty, it makes the perfect choice for people to choose this washing machine.

Important Things to Remember Before Buying Washing Machine

Now before we start looking for washing machines make sure you have a proper budget in your mind.

And the second thing is you need to have a water inlet if you are planning to buy an automatic machine.

Once you have these two things you can start looking for washing machines.

Now washing machines come in three different types:

First is top load semi-automatic machines:
They have two separate drum switches for washing and for drying and you’ll have to manually pour water in the washing section and then you’ll also have to manually remove the clothes from the washing section and put it in the drying section.

The good the part is that these machines are cheaper compared to automatic machines we are easier to repair and they are also quite easier to operate. These all features makes it the best washing machine of its kind.

The second type is the top load automatic machines:
Now, these machines are relatively smaller compared to semi-automatic machines because the one from which is present does the washing and grind and not just and it makes lesser vibration noise compared to semi-automatic machines.
The third type is front-load automatic machines:
These machines are the best when it comes to washing quality and they are quite smaller compared to the semi-automatic machine.
So these are the three types of washing machines. Now let’s compare them side-by-side and let’s see which one is better.

First, let’s compare semi-automatic with automatic machines.

​Semi-Automatic vs Automatic Washing Machines

Automatic machines provide you best washing quality. Second thing is that they are relatively smaller compared to semi-automatic machines and all is that you don’t have to manually pour water.

But the good part about semi-automatic machines is that the price is cheaper. And not just that it won’t really consume electricity like automatic machines so that’s a good thing about semi-automatic machines.

But then I would still recommend you to go with automatic machines.

​Top Load Washing Machines vs Front Load Washing Machines

Now, let’s compare top load washing machines with Front load washing machines

Front load washing machines provide the best wash quality possible and in top load washing machines, you’ll find agitators which reduce the capacity and not just that they might get tangled with strings or threads.

Nowadays, you don’t really see agitators much in the top load washing machines but just in case if you see I would still, suggest you go with the one which has not agitators.

The third point is that front load washing machines consume less water and soap and thereby they will help you in reducing your electricity and water bills

So, these are a different type of washing machines.

And I would suggest you go with automatic machines because in semi-automatic machines you will have to manually do a lot of stuff and not just that the wash quality is not as good as automatic machines

So, only go with semi-automatic machines if you have a very tight budget of less than 10k-15k. Otherwise, go with automatic machines.

Now let’s talk about capacity because capacity is very important.

If you are just two people I would suggest you go with around 6 kg

If you have more than two people let’s say three then you should go with 6 to 7 kg.

If you’re more than three let’s say four you should go with 7 to 8 kg and if you have a big or a huge family then you should go with more than 8 kg.

So that’s pretty much it about the washing machine.